How to chase him away

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Okay, so your girlfriends set you on a date with this person because of some reason or the other and truth is you aren’t feeling him and you’d rather be curled up on your sofa watching a no-budget-IQ-diminishing nollywood movie than be there with him in some romantic setting.

Here are ways to help you get out fast and to ensure that he never wants to see you again.

1. Ask about his future plans and say the direct opposite as yours. If he says he wants to go into politics in future for example, then make politicians look so evil, refuse to listen to his conviction and add that you’d rather shoot your man than let him go into politics. Trust me, he’d not be around a second time.

2. When he talks about planning a family, find out what he wants and tell him the direct opposite of that and say its what you want. When he mentions his family and how he’d like his wife to get along with his mother, say you’d rather murder your husband’s mother than have a mother in law.

3. Find out what he does for a living and make him look lazy and worthless. No man likes to be made to feel incapable by a woman, so trust me, that’ll be the last you’d be seeing of him.

4. Find out his interests/hobbies/fave music etc and make them look ridiculous. For instance, if he likes JayZ, make it sound like he’s a fifty year who’s got the bieber fever. Let him feel and look like someone who has no taste whatsoever.

5. Make his pet peeves your own favorite things. He hates women who don’t shave their armpits? Convince him that its no big deal. He can’t deal with a lousy person? Tell him he’s just being ridiculous and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be heard.

6. Tell him his friends would have to be out of his life if you have to come in. He’d run fast. Men hate clingy women.

To be candid, you won’t get to number four before this man decides he never wants to see you again.

And you’d have won, because it is what you wanted anyway.



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