Get Familiar: Rukus – I Think I’m Trayvon

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I am Trayvon Martin. President Obama is Trayvon Martin. If you are a Black man, you are Trayvon Martin. Even if you are not Trayvon Martin, you can still understand how deeply flawed are society is right now.

July 13th, 2013 was a sad day. Not just because a man was found “not guilty”, but rather because the verdict of this trial reveals that racism (in its most innocent form as “profiling”) and undercurrents of bias that are constantly swept under the rug of this nation, can come to roost – from the profiling of a teenage boy, to the mindset of a Florida jury, to the effort and execution of the prosecution. I don’t think the justice system is “broken” persay…I think we as people and our values are. Until we accept that we have a problem, that we are not raised “fair”, but have to be educated to be fair…nothing will change. I know alot of people forget these things after a few days. I don’t. I know it could be me, or my brother, or my future son. Its frightening, heartbreaking, and frustrating.

I pray that Trayvon Martin’s family finds peace when the last of the reporters leaves their front lawns, and the last musician makes a tribute song, and when Twitter and Facebook have moved onto the latest scandal or sports event. When its quiet in their house at a moment when Trayvon’s voice should have been filling it…I pray they have peace.

– Rukus


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