Get Familiar: MCskill ThaPreacha | Ego + Lyrics

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Conscious emcee “MCskill ThaPreacha” quickly jumps on J.Cole’s Let Nas Down instrumental and the outcome is titled “Ego” which he believes is the problem with Nigerian Hip Hop and the music industry in general. This is good music.

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Long live the idols/
May they never be our rivals/
Kool Herc was like Jesus, Bambaataa wrote the bible/
What you bout to hear is a tale of Ego we see/
KRS, ma mentor let the story begin/

I was chilling in ma hood about 8 o clock/

When i heard the legend Nasty Nas he did a song/

I googled d link downloaded right there so/

I found out the nigga spit a verse for J.Cole/

First off, i was so happy to see Hip Hop alive/

But i was sad cos Nigerian Hip Hop is the type/

The type that kills the kulture/

The type that Ego rules, arrogance over greener pastures/

Legends look down on us/

While we stay hyping these cats, push it to the limit so they can notice us/

I speak truth and damn the consequences/

Im a real emcee not a dumb ass mercenary/

We tryna make it but they dont allow it/

We show respect to who deserves respect but they call it famzing/

When u was coming up we niggaz showed u love/

Aint nothing more legendary than pulling niggaz up/

Thats giving back to society/

Helping a dope artiste come up in your own way is originality/

They keep saying how they real/

But i see em as the fake ones if they aint seeing the skill/

In the upcomings, F your Ego, thats a short coming/

F your arrogance son, there’ll be no second coming/

Without the ego no doubt we would be great again/

I’ve done ma little part so its left for u veterans/

Word to the upcoming artistes who say they wanna blow/

But keep taking sides in beefs, u gotta let it go/

They keep posting crap on twitter/

Tryna look good instead of pushing your music out the way you should/

The end is near, so kill that ego/

Meditate on ma words now and see yourself grow/

Never disrespect an artichect of this art/

Never lose focus, banish arrogance frm ur sight/

This damn Ego let us down/

Damn! Its so clear to me that this damn Ego Let us down/

Truth man! Aint gotta preach for u to see that this damn ego let us down/

Long live the idols/
May they never be our rivals/
Eedris was like Jesus, Trybes Men wrote the bible/
What you just heard is a tale of Ego we see/
In the industry, thats how the story ends/



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  1. Downloading in progress… Like seriously, McSkill I fink d lyrics portray ur superb sense of words tho. Ur rap? Haven’t heard foul languages tho. My playlist has bn lined up wiv majority, if not all of ur songs. Big ups mehn. We going global. Stomatique, I see u fam

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