From Aluwe to Sura The Tailor, Here’s @360Nobs @MovieMarkers @VEESTAonline List of Nigeria’s 50 Best Received Nigerian TV Shows

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Before Nollywood became a name synonymous with “Nigerian television”, TV shows and programs were big items for Nigerians to tune in to. However all that started to dwindle in 1992, with the release of Nollywood’s first main product – “Living in Bondage.” which made people look at releasing home videos and what could be earned from it.

Prior to the explosion of home videos in the late 1990’s, a number of TV shows were highly received by viewers in different parts of Nigeria while some other shows have continued to draw in a large number of viewers despite the large amount of Nigerian home videos made available for people to watch.


Movie Markers Together with two knowledgeable TV and movie buffs, who run 360nobs and Veesta Online – Oye AKD & Seun Ajayi, a list of 50 Best Received Nigerian TV Shows has been out based on the response those shows got during the original time when they ran on TV and the response gotten till this day.

In alphabetical order, here are the best received Nigerian television shows till date

  1. Adio Family
  2. After the storm
  3. Aluwe
  4. Awada Keri Keri
  5. Basi and Company
  6. BBC’s Wetin Dey
  7. Behind the cloud
  8. Candle light
  9. Checkmate
  10. Cock crow at dawn
  11. Erinkeke aka Baba Suwe
  12. Everyday people
  13. Extended Family
  14. Family Circle
  15. Feyikogbon
  16. Fortunes
  17. Fuji house of commotion
  18. Hot cash aka willi-willi
  19. House Apart
  20. House Number 13
  21. I need to know
  22. Jaguar
  23. Kidivision 101
  24. Koko close
  25. Magana Jarichi
  26. Mind Bending
  27. Mirror in the sun
  28. Nkan Nbe
  29. Palace
  30. Papa Ajasco
  31. Paradise Park
  32. Pot of life
  33. Ripples
  34. Samanja
  35. Second Chance
  36. Speak out
  37. Storyland
  38. Sunday Rendezvous
  39. Super Story
  40. Supple Blues
  41. Sura the tailor
  42. Tales by Moonlight
  43. The Honorable’s
  44. The New Masquerade
  45. The Station
  46. The village headmaster
  47. Things Fall Apart
  48. Third Eye
  49. Tinsel
  50. Twilight Zone

Enjoy some of the video clips we found online for some of our favourite Nigerian TV Shows



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