Epic Face-Off: FOX To Merge Family Guy With The Simpsons For One Super-Episode

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In what would be heavenly news to cartoon lovers, FOX has announced plans to merge flagship cartoons Family Guy and The Simpsons for one episode.

The episode, titled “The Simpson’s Guy”, will belong to Seth McFarlane’s Family Guy, but will take place in the Simpson’s home town of Springfield, USA.

Reported “plot lines” include Bart impressing Stewie with his elementary school mischief, Homer and Peter drinking beers and talking about, um, beers, Lois and Marge discussing how to maintain attraction to their respective alcoholic husbands, and perhaps most interestingly, Lisa helping Meg discover what exactly makes her special. (Spoiler Alert: Probably nothing at all.)

Fans have speculated on the likelihood of such a meeting, claiming that Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane and Simpsons creator Matt Groening have been rivals since MacFarlane’s show debuted in 1999. But MacFarlane shrugged off the rumors in a DVD commentary, saying, “Matt’s just a cool guy, and fortunately neither of us was ruffled by any of that stuff.” Groening described the rivalry as “very affectionate.” Still, Simpsons fans remain adamant that MacFarlane steals from Groening regularly.




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