Dencia Dey Para: Why would BET disrespect African Artistes?

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Nna Mehn, the matter carry bear-bear o.
According to Dencia, the Camero-Nigerian singer, who was also at BET Awards with Ice Prince, the Oleku rapper received his award with none of the big international stars in the audience but somehow BET got to edit Iceprince’s video and made it appear he was in front of the live audience.
It turns out this year, Iceprince’s BET award presentation was per-recorded on stage unlike in previous years when the awards were presented to winners in a room, backstage. The taping was done hours ahead of the main ceremony.
Odi kwa highly untakeable! For what na? Ice Prince kindly return the award, and demand they present in it properly (don’t take it serious).
Sometimes things like this happen because of time and it may have been any artiste, not necessarily the African artiste. It may not be much of a big deal as long as Ice Prince is content.
Segun Adekoye

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