Deeper Life Suspends Pastor Kumuyi’s Son & Daughter-In-Law For Unlawful Wedding

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John Kumuyi, a son of the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life ministry Pastor William Kumuyi, and his newly wedded wife Love have been banned from the church after their wedding was adjudged unlawful by the church’s standards.

John and Love wedded in Jamaica on 15 June, 2013, only to receive thousands negative comments from members of the church. Many condemned the wedding gown worn by the wife-to be, also other aspects of the wedding that were at variance with the church’s standards.

Love’s attires turned out to differ from the conventional ones set for Deeper Life members. Lots of people noticed her hair wasn’t “natural” and that she applied lipstick as part of the make-up.

A limousine hired to deliver the couple to their destination after the wedding, a huge cake that was served at the ceremony were contrary to the church’s tradition.

The church leaders decided to place the couple on suspension to give them time to pray and seek forgiveness from God for their action, following countless comments on social media and by the members of Deeper Life.

John and Love’s suspension from church activities was announced last Saturday, at Deeper Life’s monthly Miracle and Revival Programme, held at the Deeper Life Conference Centre (DLCC), Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. The news was delivered by PastorPhilip Oluwi, a key leader in the church, who obviously was following the instructions from the General Superintendent of the church, Pastor William Kumuyi. Oluwi stressed that the standard of Deeper Life regarding wedding and moderacy had not changed.

“The church, Deeper Life, remains committed to the biblical practice and standard of almost 40 years Christian dressing and still remains and does not compromise on biblical Christian dressing.

“Hence, deviation warrants the displeasure and frown of God and the leadership of the church. John and Love are now under discipline,” Oluwi announced to the entire congregation.

The couple has already apologised to the church for the inappropriate way the wedding was conducted. The letter was read by Oluwi and re-read several times to church members by the Church’s Secretary, Pastor Jerry Asemota. The letter, addressed to the Church Secretary and titled ‘Letter of Apology,’ expressed the deepest regret of the couple for bringing the church into disrepute.



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  1. Simply completely, unbelievably and totally absurd. The couple’s dressing appear absolutely normal and adorable. Why must someone remain in the stoneage, dress in the old school manner to remain pleasant in the eyes of God? I was stunned to read this article. You seeeeeeeeee, I can bet my last farthing, it was the Deeper life’s finances that propelled the guy to that status of defiance. Up Money !!!!!!!!!!!!.


  3. this bullshit is exaclty while i left religious. I believe in God and serve him but cant deal with all these church rules and regulations

  4. When that woman was taken in adultery charges to Christ, I believe they were all expecting Jesus to pass a death sentence on the woman based on public opinion. While i respect every church for their doctrines and rules, i must point out here that Judgemet also needs be meted out to the church leaders who did not maintain the standards only to turn back and acuse the young man at least some elders atyended that weddin, and who were the marriage committee members. They also have questions to answer for not inducting the young bride on dress codes of the church. You may borrow a leaf from Prince Williams and Princess Kate. God bless the Kumuyi family foever

  5. In the Name of Doctrine
    Let us remember that church wedding is western. The only wedding recorded in the bible was at Canal of Galilee in which Jesus was a guest and not an officiating minister. Though it is a good thing to do, it is not what takes you to heaven. These two were not caught fornicating, stealing etc, why should a decent dress as this cause problem? Deeper Life needs to wake up.

  6. my challange is with the son . did he not know the church rules? did he not agree to abide by them? why then did he go for a cake and drove home in a limo instead of a vw beatle? what ever happen to honor? he has delibrately dishonored his dad . i won’t be supprised if his children ( baba kumuyi come to nigeria with jamican dreadlocks)

  7. The wedding is not just about the dressing which many New Generation churches will see as old fashioned. I think the dressing is decent, except for the laced transparent sleeves. The aspects of the wedding that do not conform with, not just the doctrine of Deeper Life but the entire standard of the Bible are the excesses and absence of moderation involving the Limo, the huge cake etc. The scriptures say, LET YOUR MODERATION BE KNOWN UNTO ALL MEN; THE LORD IS AT HAND. So, we should be guided by the scriptures in our general comportment and not by what the world think is right. The church was right in pronouncing the discipline and I know that John is a child of God, properly brought up in the admonition of God. He will make the necessary amendments and forge ahead with his God-given ministry, and mind less about the needless distraction in the social media by men and women who are not heavenly minded.

  8. How do they DL in Jamaica dress for wedding? You probably will not win a Chinese by living an arabian life and distant yourself fron the Chinese, no love, you can not sacrifice for him. That is not Jesus in you. I believe What God says to you is the most important thing every step of the way at per second level. What were they told at M counselling it is important not to default. All said and done I submit that “LET HIM WHO IS WITHOUT SIN BE THE FIRST TO CAST A STONE”
    Let this young couple enjoy this early part of its love as it should be pls

  9. John Kumuyi is a disappointment. He should have at least respected his father for what the man has stood for over the years and has made thousands of Deeper Life’s youths to follow. It shows that he does not have an iota of respect for his father> It is unfair. He should seriously pray for forgiveness because of the dire consequences of this kind of flagrant disobedience and rebellion. I also think the pastors and other officiating ministers at the wedding should be sanctioned for conducting the wedding. They should have stopped it when they saw the bride’s dress. Or is it not a Deeper Life Church? Or do we call it sycophancy for the GS?

    1. Mr. Tony Ade, please I’d rather have you keep shut if you do not know what to say. How do you respect a doctrine that you don’t like? Please stop enslaving yourself with hypocritical lifestyles.

    2. @ Oluchi, i think u’re the one missing it here not Tony. If anyone does not like a particular doctrine let him move to where he can practice what he likes & not constitute a rebel or nuisance by doing otherwise.

  10. To me, John Kumuyi is a disappointment. He should have at least respected his father for what that man of God has stood for over the years and has made thousands of Deeper Life’s youths to religiously follow. It shows that he does not have an iota of regard for his father who is well respected worldwide. Why should he allow himself to be used to destroy all that the man has taken years to build. It is unfair to the old man. John should pray seriously for forgiveness because of the dire consequences of this kind of willfull and flagrant disobedience and rebellion. The Pastors and other officiating ministers at the wedding should also be disciplined. Is it not a Deeper Life’s church?

    1. We have to be careful over religious matters else we will be judged, there is nothing bad for being neat or dressing decently. Wedding is not everyday affair so should be done in a manner that the celebrant will never forget be angry whenever they remember it. Doctrine is not God standard. Always ask god question before you act, he will direct you and it will be well with you. .

  11. As my fellow said; Let him who is without sin be the first to cast a stone on them. Her dressing is decent. Why are you people condemning them. Did Christ ever rebuke of condemmed anybody except for demons. If their dressing or their wedding ceremony didn’s seem right to the church. Why making it public. Why not deal with it within the church. You elders in the church; check out for your children outthere to see what they do in their hide out. And yet you cover up for them. If nobody has told you this; I put this to you now that you people are getting jealous of Daddy Kumuyi for allowing him to go ahead making this public. Daddy Kumuyi; please watch your back. We love you and what God is using you to do in this Country Nigeria.

  12. The scripture says looking unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our FAITH. Man can but to behave like man, John Kumuyi is man that is why we look to Christ as a perfect example. Make the word of God as your guarding principle that cannot change. Dearly belove, let watch our tongue against the anoited of God even, John Kumuyi, live his case to God to handle, if he is sincere to his apology; He (God) is faithful and just to forgive his sin. The word of God says he that thinketh that he stands let him take hid less he fall. All we know is OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST IS COMING VERY SOON!!!!!!

  13. To me, hypocrisy starts when you pretend to be what you are not. Please stop exalting church doctrines above Christ’s doctrine. Christ’s doctrine is written in the Bible. The dressing of the couple is not bad at all to me. Reason for having lots of pretenders in church today is because we have exalted church rules above what God says in HIS word. At this junction, we need to be mindful of HOLINESS WITHOUT WHICH NO ONE SHALL SEE THE LORD, and not any other thing which will not be a qualification for entering into the kingdom of God. Please BE PREPARED FOR THE RAPTURE. God will help us all,amen.

  14. Poor guy,to have all this thrown at him after his joyous occasion. I think the church is doing this not because of any immodesty or sin but to uphold the creeds and codes of conduct,also to prove a point that no one is above the law. Well,its jus unfortunate though he has to live a certain lifestyle to please his dad, his dad’s beliefs and his dad’s associates. I jus wonder if the GS himself was subjected to that kind of lifestyle (having to please his dad ) when he was his son’s age. If he did, he’d probably still be in some catholic or anglican church. My point, pastor kumuyi went against certain norms of his time to be who he is today, he shd allow his son to go against norms that he doesn’t deem fit to follow. But then……………….what if he didn’t punish or do anything to his son after the wedding? Human beings being who we are will complain that he has different ethics for his children.???!!!

  15. well for me people should be themselves, that is the only way the grace of God will be manifest in their lives. Judging a man for not accepting his fathers doctrine, for me is not fair in as much as he, the son has
    not gone out of God’s standard. He should be allow to fulfill his own
    God given destiny not his fathers’. What is his father’s reaction because I believe he should had been there in the wedding venue.

    1. If u care to know, his father was not hapi about it. If u say people shld be themselves, John should have been himself by staying away from Deeperlife church wedding since he is aware of the rules. I’ll also blame the bride & her parents who are supposed deeperlife members & leaders (overseer) for dat matter.

  16. Please, can we just stop this discussion and allow the young couple enjoy their marriage. Truly, John and Love might have erred, because wearing of wedding gown and using of cake is not acceptable in Deeper Life Bible Church’s doctrine, but are we God? I am more than sure this couple have asked God for forgiveness, and God in His infinite mercy would have forgiven them. Instead of condemnation, why not let us join John and Love to plead for mercy from God. My advice to John and Love is to go through the disciplinary action meted out to them by the Church in good faith, take time out to pray together, do not condemn yourselves, because i am sure God will forgive you if you sincerely ask for His forgiveness. I pray the Lord will keep your marriage and your soul intact till the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.To daddy Kumuyi and the church, please kindly forgive John and Love, and also pray for Grace to take correction in righteousness for this young couple. Daddy Kumuyi, I love you and i pray for more of God’s Grace upon you and your Ministry in Jesus’ name

  17. Marriage committe, Love & her parents & some other leaders have shown they are hypocrites. They should have inspected and moderated the wedding before the ceremony day, exactly the way it’s being done to others. They want to frustrate our dearly Pastor W.F. Kumuyi’s ministry and God will disappoint all their devices in Jesus name. (Amen)

  18. men, i was a deeper life member then, but not now. how on earth can can one take man’s standard and make it God’s standard and impose his will on others? John and Love did absolutely nothing wrong. All this must stop it is anti bible and in no way Gods Standard.

  19. First and foremost baba GS should not be blamed for this cos he was not there with them , and he believed that things were o.k over there.what happened must have been a great disappointment of the highest order to him. but the question begging for answer is what were the marriage committee over there doing? After all it is their duty to make sure that everything is according to church standard even the checking of the bride’s dressing before the wedding day.may GOD forgive them.

  20. Our righteousness is obtained by having faith in Jesus Christ as the son of God and the belief in his death on the cross of Calvary.No man can please God by wearing a particular design of church dress code or following a church designed wedding program .However any group of people is allowed a right to have a dress code and marriage procedure. Dragging God into such matters is what i call MIND CONTROL of innocent people in order to build an empire. This is the sin. This poor couple should be allowed to ask for the forgiveness of the church and not God.God requires your faith in Him ,life of holiness and love to humanity .There is nothing unholy in looking and feeling good on your wedding day..

  21. what we need to do now is to pray for the, couple to be able stand in the love of GOD, and that GOD should strengthen the church, and that GOD should strengthen and hold, keep, PASTOR KUMUYI. Pls & pls let us stop putting blames or castigates anybody. I pray that, I will not go to Hell bcos of another mans matter….Remember touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harms… I believe we all remember the case of Moses, d sister Miriam, when see misused are tongue against anointed. My prayer for d church is dat God will up-hold d church. and 4 man of GOD, pastor KUMUYI fresh and renewal of anointing, Sir, you will not be discourage,I know dat was devil plan. And d plan of d devil will not come to pass in JESUS NAME….

  22. I tink al dese re falacies cos d leaders of d church knows d rules guiding wedin so dey shd nt ve made d mistake of joinin dem, thereafta cum bck 2 blame & suspend d couple. Pls dnt judge dem but rather tink about ur life and where u will spend eternity after life on earth is over. God help us.

  23. The hullabaloo generated by this wedding is to show that man creates hypocrism when GOD ALMIGHTY did not ask us to do that. This marriage in the open shows that even Pastor Kumuyi’s children do not share his doctrine or phylosophy, so rather than castigate or ask for apoligies from the innocent people who did what could make them happy on their wonderful day, Pastor Kumuyi should review his Church doctrine. Our LORD JESUS CHRIST said, the law is made for man and not the other way round. I wish you congratulations my dear on your wedding day. Afterall muslim ladies have married Christians and their parents did not disown them. Asiwaju Senator Ahmed Tinubu is a muslim, his wife is a Christian, they are happy and indeed have become the envy of many people. Ask Chiefs Tom Ikim, Don Etiebet, etc

  24. God Almighty will help everyone of us what i know is that Heaven is the most inportant thing and I prayed that all these will not be an organised work of satanic kingdom so as christians we just have to be very careful and focus on the important thing and not to give place to the devil God bless you all.Amen.

  25. I believe in moderacy.but all this are pure doctorine of man not of God. the so called suit we put on is even a borrowed dress code.I hate hypocrisy.people should be allowed to do things considered good from there heart, imposing certain things against people will is even more devilish.let follow the doctrine of Christ and not the doctrine of man.

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