Dear Women, Here are the list of things we find unappealing about you. Signed, Men

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Ok, were you expecting to find a letter from some angry, disgruntled man on behalf of the male gender? Sorry to disappoint you, its just me. Lol.

I’m here to address issues men really wish their women would change and if you think for one second that this shouldn’t be coming from a woman, then grab a seat and go back to 1808 because I am very well aware of these things as much as a man is and I can speak about them as much as a man can.

I was reading an article related to this on modern and I couldn’t help but agree with the first few things stated that I decided, how about I actually do something on this? This is so true!

Ladies are very well conscious of themselves and whatever they will do to keep their man, they are willing to do. Unfortunately, they either don’t see these things or they don’t take them to mean much.

If you do any of the below listed things as a woman, then know that deep inside your man’s mind, he wishes that you’d stop.

~Noise: I don’t know where some women got off thinking creating a scene in public or arguing at the top of your voice is cool but the truth is this disease cuts through almost every society and one out of five women are proud noisemakers. I say this because they would create a scene and would be proud that they did.

See, no man wants to visit a place with his woman while he’s constantly praying silently that nothing provokes her. There’s nothing fab about making noise and creating scenes, its all too market woman-ish. So except you are a market woman and your boo is an agbero he certainly won’t be at ease walking in public with you.

~Dirty Feet and Nails: ever heard of these two words? Manicure and Pedicure? Divine I tell you. You see, during this process your feet and your hands are well taken care of and they don’t come off as unkept or dirty anytime they are bare.

I know some people would say its easy to say. Well yes it is as easy to say as it is to do! Our feet need a whole lot of care, especially if we paint our nails regularly or even bother about them at all. Get your behind to the salon at least once in a month(to start with) and do something about those nails.

And yes, once your nail polish is chipped, remove everything and paint again.

~Hair: some women can rock a weave for two months at a stretch and do nothing about it. If you ever make out with your husband or even sleep on the same bed with him, have you ever for once considered what you might be putting him through? He might not want to hurt your feelings by coming out to tell you but biko why rock the same weave for over one month? Its very unhealthy, forget if its malaysian hair or Paris hair! Get rid of it, clean your freaking hair and scalp and fix again if you have to. But please save your man the misery of having to watch and see that thing on your head for too long. He doesn’t like it!

~Shave: please do all you can to remove unwanted hair from your Vee and your armpit! There’s no reason you should be carrying a forest in your panties. No excuse, no reason whatsoever.

You are a woman and it is the right/sane/hygienic thing to do. No man wants to see that. Mark my words, no man.

~Curses: I know ladies who can’t write a sentence without adding “shit” or “fuck” or any other curse word available. Its not attractive to men. Its ridiculous and it makes you look more like a thug than the lady you are. Stop.

~Picking the bills: no I’m not asking you to be responsible for your dates/hangouts with guys. But when all you do is grab your mobile phone, dial a man’s number and then ask him to take you out while you make very expensive orders every other week, you really are overdoing it.

Even if he’s the one willing to spend every other week, declining sometimes is good. You don’t have to “chop his money” everytime. Be classy. Men love it, best believe that.

~Drunk women: this is certainly not classy. Certainly not. And it is unappealing to any sensible man. Nothing attractive in an excessively drunk woman who ends up having no idea where she is/what she’s doing and who ends the night, grabbing the toilet seat while she empties everything in her stomach.

~clothes: not everyone has a Kim Kardashian body type and dresses that work for her body might not work for someone with a Kourtney Kardashian body type. This simply means that even though we might be sisters, the same things(including clothes) might just not work for us.

Do NOT follow trend, follow style. Follow what works for your body type! Trust me, men don’t appreciate it when you force your body into that undersized piece of clothing. In fact, some of them actually have a good laugh about it. Its ridiculous.

~Liars: I talk (all the time) about how ridiculous it is for grown women to lie especially when its not necessary. Nothing appealing about this. In fact when a man is into you, this can turn him off very fast!

I’m sure even scammers love truthful women.

~Promiscuity: need I explain why no man wants to share the woman he loves with other people? Seriously?



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  1. Hi, nice write up, but recall men aint all the same, I beg to differ on some points, some men are actually put off by the “plucked chicken look” of the V-area.And if you are the busy independent woman – yes your nail polish will always get chipped and on some busy days, you won’t have anytime to clean em off. Some men trust me, do not make that an issue cos its the Lady he is into.

  2. American women in general have gone to far over the edge these days. Its like a sea of dudes out there. I have NO interest in dating at all right now.

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