#ChildNotBride: Less words more action PLEASE.

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It is disheartening to learn that this child bride issue were an underage marriage bill is being passed amongst our leaders for approval in a country which claims to be civilised like Nigeria. However, though, most of the lawmakers in support of this shameful act are doing so because of their personal interest; but they should be reminded that they are not in the house to serve their own interest but the people in their area of jurisdiction.

How on earth are you going to represent your people well when all you are interested in are their female children? If this law is passed, then where lies the movement “Education for all” championed by the United Nations? How can a child that is considered too young to vote, too young to even cook, be ripe for marriage?!!?

As usual, Nigerians have taken to the social media networks to express their total disapproval but lets remind ourselves that these people are not active on these platforms like us and might not see our messages. Most of their social media pages are run by administrators, which makes our rantings fall on deaf ears. If we can talk as a people, remind them that we are the one’s they are representing and we are saying NO to this Barbaric act…. I think that should help.




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