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Daniel Emeka Talks About Upcoming Event- ‘Blank White Sheet III’

An unapologetic Igbo boy from Imo state, the talented lad, who is the last of three brothers and one sister, talks about upcoming event, Blank White Sheet, on Saturday, the 27th of July.


Actually I didn’t start out with the aim of being a graphic designer, my aspiration was to become a medical doctor.  When I left secondary school, I ventured into IT and I enjoyed working on computer immediately. I went on to focus on it, leaving every other aspirations behind. 6 years into it, I have no regrets as I love what I do. Like I said earlier, let your job speak for you. Before I started getting clients, I made sure  my work is best in everything I do. I didn’t need to source for clients, they came to me. My work spoke for me.

I do not have a role model. A lot of people inspire me though, like Fela’s family. Also, I admire the school founder of the graphic design, though I wouldn’t exactly refer to him as my role model, I look up to him.


Blank White Sheet
Every idea ever created, drafted or presented started from either opening a blank white page on your software or drafting it out on a blank sheet of paper. The result depends on how much solution we can pen down or that sheet, which in turn changes its value from being scrap to what could drive change in the world through design, creativity and innovation. Blank white sheet, which was established in 2011 has evolved from being just a design meet to a multi-disciplinary event; showcasing creatives from different fields.

At this year’s event in partnership with Intel, we intend highlighting the creativity and tips on being a successful creative entrepreneur. The essentials needed in creating your tomorrow.

It will take place at Excellence Hotel and Conference Centre, Ikeja, Ogba Lagos on Saturday 27th July, 2013 by 11:am. This is a pre – registration event and its totally free, all you need to is fill in the registration form below. There are limited spaces available so please register early and confirm your attendance as well.


Target Audience
My target audience are the people that basically want to be creative like fashion designers, graphic designers, motion designers, music producers et al. These are the people I want to talk to and work with. Creativity is about things you beautify. A new artiste would, if properly followed, require the services of a graphic designer, video animation, video producer, an editor, make up artist, fashion designer in his entrée into the industry. Even in business, companies like Ad Agencies use the services of a graphics designer. My other target are creative people.

Watch Last Year’s BLANK WHITE SHEET 2012 below.


People do not really see the way you see, no matter how you try to convince them. A lot  of people do not believe. They do not know what we do , some of my clients who do not understand the depth of the job done ask for a redesign without considering the level of output done. That is the challenges we are  facing right now and if the barrier can be broken and the industry is exposed to a lot of  people, then it would make things seem better.


The Future
Blank white sheet, in less than five years should be the biggest conference in Africa and within the nation and those that are coming to learn will  not just learn, they will achieve their goals. For  Surkroe,  I see it as one major design studio and marketing agency.

REGISTER NOW ON www.designlayerz.net/blankwhitesheet (TIP: Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to complete the form)



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