Big Brother Africa The Chase: Nigeria’s Beverley Osu finally succumbs to South Africa’s Angelo’s Probing Fingers #BBA (Photos rated 18+)

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Another Big Porn-er Session occurred in the Big Brother House last night after their Saturday Party.

This time it was the flirtatious couple who carried on from where they left off  from their make out session.  Nigeria’s Beverly and South Africa’s Angelo were in the thick of the action … (at least Angelo’s fingers were)

Angelo and Beverly excused themselves from the rest of the party and went to one of the Ruby rooms to continue their steamy passionate session.

Beverly and Angelo making out passionately


Beverly finally lost the strength to resist Angelo’s sexual advances and gave in to her sexual needs as soon as his fingers made the way into her T.O.T.O.

Angelo’s fingers hit Beverly’s spot
Beverly moans in pleasure

The 21 year old Beverly then allowed her 38 year old rasta lover to satisfy her sexually with his fingers, moaning loudly in ecstasy to the delight of peeping toms – Ghanaian housemate – Elikem and Zimbabwean Pokello who had crept into the dark room to watch the unscripted soft-porn on display.

Elikem & Pokello watch the porn show in darkness

Soon enough Elikem and Pokello too were feeling a bit horny and they had their own little passionate make out session before they went back to watching the amateur porn again.

Before things got more interesting, Sierra-Leonean housemate – Bassey came into the room and screamed at Beverly

What Do you think you are doing? Don’t do something you’ll later regret. Please go downstairs now!

See Elikem and Pokello are already spying on you guys… Beverly go downstairs now!


What did you guys think of all the porn action in the Ruby House?

Annabel , Cleo, Melvin, Natasha, Pokello and Selly are up for possible Eviction this week.

Vote now to keep your favourite Porn House mate in the game!


Chioma Halima Olabode

Chioma Halima Olabode

Chioma Halima Olabode is born of an Igbo dad and Yoruba mum in Jos, Northern Nigeria. An avid lover of Nigerian music and PS games. Deputy manager in an IT firm during the day and Vodka lover at night. Follow me on 360nobs for THE PILL on my precise thoughts on all sorts of Nationwide or Worldwide silliness.


  1. Beverly you re a big disgrace to 9ja.check back at fellow 9ja’s that hv been thre,they don’t hv such behaviours n they re smart n they hv won in several ocasions.after this game stay at S/A. SHAME ON U.

  2. u stupid idiots abusing the poor gir,im sure u do worse things.u think its easy for her to be locked up inside a house for so long without having yearnings?she is young and she made a mistake. so what?we all do.she couldnt control her emotions anymore and succumbed.that means she is human.i just hope this wont come back to haunt her in future.cos these things have a nack of biting u in the ass whn u are not looking later in life

    1. Yemi, Stupid Idiots saw ahead of you that this Beverly’s ACT will haunt her in future —continously bit her in the as– when she is not looking later in life. what is making them stupid Idiots? she studies the Bible and prays- good! what does the bible say about these type of ACT???? — FLEE, thank God Bassey came in to save her, you, the stupid idiots, her family and Nigeria from the Complete ACT.

  3. she doesnt worth our sayin…bec she knws wat she z doin im sure she knws d good n bad so she shud v controled her emostions bec diz z a grivious sin…wellll she z a BIG DIZGRCE to 9IJA…wen she cums..she wud get d dose of her medicine….hope @ d end she rilly marry him..lolz

  4. all of u ranting noise n overheating the issue, in as much as her acts does not really go down well with me. how many of u dnt hav pre marital sex with ur man or woman. pls let’s stop acting too righeous here. tnx.

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