Bad Market For Thieves: How to find a lost BlackBerry device

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Some people might know this already, Anyways I  proceed


BlackBerry Protect is a fantastic tool that has been baked into BB10, and will be familiar to many older BlackBerry owners. The personal security suite provides everything you need to find your phone’s GPS location, lock the screen, have it ring, or even wipe everything from its memory.

We want to zoom in on simply finding your lost BlackBerry. Maybe you forgot it the bar or the train, or wherever else. Here’s what you’ve got to do to get it back.blackberry-10-protect

The first step is taking the right precautions and setting up Protect before you lose your BlackBerry. From the home screen, swipe down from the top, and tap settings. Now scroll down and tap BlackBerry Protect. Make sure the BlackBerry Protect toggle is switched to on. After that, dive into the Location Services button, and make sure Location Services is enabled there.

Now that Protect is working, go out and lose your phone. Go on, I dare you. Okay, fine, don’t, but let’s say you do. Punch in on the first browser you can get hold of after learning you lost your BlackBerry. Log in using your BlackBerry ID credentials – these are the same ones you set when you first booted up your Z10, Q10, or Q5, and the same password you use to authenticate BlackBerry World purchases.blackberry-10-protect

From here, it’s a simple matter of clicking View Location from the menu items in the web browser. It might take awhile to get a lock, and you may be out of luck if your BlackBerry’s battery has died,

That’s it! It’s a pretty straightforward tool to use, and combined with the prudent decision of setting a device password, you shouldn’t worry too much about any personal information falling into the hands of some random stranger.

How many times have you used BlackBerry Protect? Don’t lie ooo





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  1. Bad app actually.
    They didn’t mention when the phone is switched off or without network connection (inside a building/underground/without satellite reception), the app is useless because then it can’t find the phone at all..

    For me, still no new features on finding my blackberry phone using the blackberry protect app.
    Might want to improve it before saying that we can actually find the phone.

  2. My bb was stolen, i tracked it to a location, tho stale. The thief now uses my pin under his name and has switched off the location services thingy. Any hope of still finding it?

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