#AsuuStrike: Read The Reactions of The Students…

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Following the recent strike action pronouncement by ASUU(read more about the strike here), students across the nation have taken to popular social media platform- Twitter to air their opinions. While some are happy that they will take the time out to rest and chill a bit and probably save some money, some are of the opinion that the strike action is coming at the wrong time as there are so many things that needs to be done.

While a few schools have started/concluded examinations, some are still struggling to end the semester. Here are some of the tweets:

@mz__dee Lol so unilag z actually doin dis strike sumtin…..lemmie jes be chilling

@iamKingil: #AsuuStrike- Comprehensive and Indefinite!!

@MsScHArM Ma defence is nao on hold” @iamKingilHow now RT MsScHArMKai.dis is wrng mehn” @iamKingil: #AsuuStrike- Comprehensive and Indefinite

@mustysaddiq Dear tweeps, can you please join me in condemning -in its strongest form- the useless & yet very ambiguous #asuustrike which is ongoing?

Abdulfatai Lukman @lukma227 ASUP on strike 4 over 50 dayz, ASUU commence strike yesterday, these people are playing wit de future of Nigerian students,

SulaimonMojeed-Sanni @sanity0407 From indications, FG isn’t concerned about the future of this country, why meet PENGASSAN over warning strike and ignore ASUU? #AsuuStrike

@_PerKINsON Twitter go come full….. #PSettingSeason #asuuStrike

Passer_By @SirAnselm At this point Private University students be lyk extended Sec skul is better dan nigerian fed universities’ #AsuuStrike

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  1. Though am an adherent to the principle of PACTA SUNT SAVANDA but ASUU could have allow schools writting there exams to continue.more public support could have been gotten.

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