A Happy Atheist – Seun Kuti Talks Religion

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In the words of Seun Kuti, musician and son of late Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti;

The only religion in Africa with a unified doctrine is the traditional african religion and yet it is the evil one. The imported religion do not even accept among themselves what their god says to do or don’t do and they are the good guys. I am happy am an atheist!!

For the records; an atheist is defined as a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings.


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Segun Adekoye

Segun Adekoye

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  1. African Traditional Religion (ATR) is real and alive. Until it is given its rightful place in our dealings in Nigeria, near-normalcy, at least, will not be restored in Nigeria. The African supreme beings are alive. The two major, but imported, religions (Islam and Christianity) in Nigeria can’t let us rest – fighting against each other. In comparison with the ATR, their followers fight the battle by themselves. In a true religion, the god/God fights for his followers. Importers of Christianity deceive them to spell the name of the supreme being with a capital g and that of ATR with small g. Gold does not struggle to shine. They no longer preach paradise and salvation. They now focus on wealth, health, success, prosperity, casting out of imagined demons, marriage, reproduction, etc. and reaping unknowing fools off their treasures through ‘sowing of seed’. You hear prayers like ‘… they must die’. If you love your neighbour, would you wish him death? No unified doctrine; so many denominations. They should rethink this religion. Those that brought the religion are now coming up with doctrines that clearly contradict the existing norms of the religion. Why are the Nigerian followers against ‘same-sex marriage’? They should also accept it, as it is from the same source. Thieves steal and come to give ‘testimonial’ offering with stolen money, and the clergy accepts and their ‘God’ keeps quiet. In ATR, one cannot offer a stolen item and go scot-free. Christianity was an opium given to Africans by White merchants in order to for the latter to have an enabling trading ground. ATR gods acted where the subjects remained faithful then. Nigeria, by its constitution (S. 10) should not be administered with religious influence, but from time to time, one lawmaker comes up with a bill claiming that another provision is against his religion. The leaders compound it all by sponsoring so-called subjects of both religions to Mecca and Jerusalem, where they go to lavish our money, boost other’s economy, but come back with nothing that betters Nigeria. There are two Federal religions – National Mosque and National Church – thus contradicting S. 10 and in fact recognizing two where it says there should be none. Many Oaths of Office, the National Pledge, end with ‘So help me God’. Which religion’s God. Witnesses swear with the Bible in the Court prior to testifying; what is the source of a Bible? (to be continued) I welcome and would admit convincing and logical corrections and responses.

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