50 Shades Of Disgusting: Deeper Life Pastor Arrested For Having Sex With Two 6-Year Old Girls

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Eze Fidelis, a pastor of the Deeper Life Bible Church has been arrested by police in Edo State for having carnal knowledge of two under-aged girls.

Pastor Fidelis was said to have lured the two girls, aged six, into his room after sending them on an errand. The police claimed he had carnal knowledge of them before dismissing them. Father of one of the girls who noticed the unusual way his daughter was walking when she got home, obtained confession from her, which led to the arrest of the paedophile pastor. Eze who confessed to the act, said he had actually defiled two other minors, both of them 11 years old sometimes this year, but said he was tempted by evil spirit to commit the act. “I am really ashamed of myself particularly as a Pastor. I have been a Pastor at Deeper Life for over six years but I was tempted to defile these girls. They are always visiting me, so this particularly day I defiled both of them,” he said.

The Edo State commissioner of Police, Folusho Adebanjo, expressed disgust at the crime, saying “This defilement thing in the state now is very very disturbing, we will not allow them to go scot free. And that is why we continue to appeal to members of the publicto always give us useful information because we cannot do it alone.”



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  1. This is tots disgusting and innapropriate on so many levels that I can’t even begin to list. But I really am not surprised cos Nigeria is so gonna be rocked by the emergence of Pedophiles so hard that we wouldn’t know what hit us esp after the newly amended law by senate stating ‘a woman is deemed to be “full of age” once she is married irrespective of the age she did so.’ Sex between consenting same-sexed adults will result in a 14 year jail term but human rights viaolating “paedophilia” is given the backing of the law, talk about double standards, ijs.

  2. Let us pray 4 every true servant of GOD 4 devil is out 4 fight them

  3. It is unlike pastors of Deeper life Bible church so to say, may God protect His true Servants against devil’s manipulations.

  4. is it really worth posting? or is it the image of the church u want damage? becos i believe if it were to be ur own father or church member u wouldn’t av posted it or will u? what happen its for God to judge not man

    1. i am not in support of any pastor or anyone who commits immorality,but u need to be more professional,do not mention church,but calling a pastor is ok,i am not a deerperlifer .,mind u..when reporting ,u dont damage an institution but u can deal with the person ..thnks

  5. Lord have mercy… He that endures to the end shal be saved….Overcoming such temptations comes wit heavenly benefit… Revelations 3 vs 21

  6. Are you sure of what you are saying or writing? Deeper Life Bible Church. The Pastor is not a deeper life member.

  7. Well, Pastor Eze Fidelis, i have a positive prayer for you. May the Lord have mercy on you. pls if you are restore back, you are to ensure that you pray without limit in other to overcome temptation. see James 1:2,12-16. the reason while temptation come is when an individual drawn away of his lust, and enticed.

  8. d church of God: Deeper life bible church will continue to march on and d gate of Hell shall not prevail, not even d gate of any journalism. Mr. Wana u are invited the next monthly program at deeper life church: come and meet FACE TO FACE WITH THE GOD OF MIRACLES, and your life will never remain dsame. bcos the rapture will soon take place and the question is: where will u spend ur eternity HELL OR HEAVEN? ALL OF U ON THIS POST U ARE INVITED!!!.

  9. Apply wisdom in all you do. A mature journalist will neve write like this thereby tarnishing the image of people or an institution. I question ur certificate in this profession.

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