5 Things you didn’t know about M.I

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You wonder why he’s called Mr. Incredible. It’s probably because he’s focused and been able to establish himself as one of the best rappers in the world. Or maybe because he has pushed his way through many challenges to find fame and fortune. M.I shared a bit of his “hustling’ days to listeners of Dream 92.5 FM Enugu last Saturday, before the Star Trek Concert.

Here are 5 things M.I said about himself that you probably never knew of:

1. He was once Jeremiah Gyang’s Personal Assistant

2. He met Waje and Djinee in Enugu for the first time while struggling to establish his career

3. 7000 miles away from home, (U.S,) a lonely M.I had to resort to washing toilets to put food on his table

4. After returning to Nigeria, while passionately nurturing massive dreams of fame and fortune, this artiste also had to work as a waiter at a popular café in Jos
5. He loves indigenous rappers like Mr. Raw, Phyno and Olamide
Does hard work pay? All you have to do is look at M.I’s life to find the answer.
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