3 Statements You Should Only Say IF you REALLY mean IT

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While I was growing up as a child, I found it hard to say some words. I felt you didn’t make these particular claims or statements if  you didn’t really mean them.

Number one – I Love you

It amazes me the way people just throw this statement up and down without realising its true impact. I have never felt its a statement you use lightly, not sure if my growing up under disciplinarians had a big role to play, although with time and maturity, my school of thought on the statement has changed.

Over the years, I have learnt more about Agape love – the one that surpasses all. I have learnt that its not enough to just say I LOVE YOU, its also about showing and communicating via actions.

In my growing years, I have learnt more and more about this agape love, what it truly means to love someone. It takes time but it’s patient. It is enduring and doesn’t keep record of the wrongs done and is ready to forgive. It hopes, keeps hoping that someday, maybe just someday, things will get better, that rebellious child will get better, that careless friend will start seeing you differently and that unloving spouse will someday have a renewed heart.

LOVE…, a powerful tool, as strong as death but yet so fragile if not taken care of or understood, could be misplaced for LUST. Use wisely.

Number two – I’m sorry

These aren’t words which are commonly used. It’s just two and a half words and yet it’s soooooo hard to say, most especially when you are right and don’t deserve such treatment from the other party involved, when said, it’s like a soothing balm. Try it, it works.

Number 3 which is Please, forgive me….will do lots of wonders, heal your relationship and make you see things as a differently.

Just say it already! Saying it wouldn’t kill you. Just forgive, because the whole world itself needs some form of forgiveness.

Whether you like it or not, you and I need to be forgiven and
forgive others and we’ll do that together.

Much love. xo!

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