10 Reasons Why FG and ASUU Should Reach A Consensus

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Just when I thought I had had enough on this ASUU and FG showdown, another case popped up; due to FG’s nonchalant attitude towards the demands of ASUU and the reason for their industrial action, the National President of ASUU threatened yesterday that the strike can go on for 3 years and that they are not ready to go back to class (God forbid that one sha), and with the recent involvement of SSANU and NASU, it can only get worse.

Although most students don’t want to believe that they’ll spend the next 2 months at home as promised earlier by ASUU, but as it is now, it seems real and if it happens, there are so many dangers attached to it (Plenty danger sef).

Although the ten things to be listed are regarded as immoral acts, it is important to identify them with their personal terminologies to show how grand they are and how harmful they are too. To also show how much the federal stands to lose in terms of competent human resources who are supposed to do good for the nation in future:

1.  Stealing:- Is it still necessary to highlight why thieves will increase? We all know that the idle mind is the devil’s workshop and trust me, the devil is highly tactical in tasking these idle minds and hands.

2.  Prostitution:- As stealing is for the boys, so is Prostitution/Aristo/Corporate Olosho… (Call it anything) is for girls. These girls could be the future Okonjo-Iweala or Dora Akunyili but the government is clearly too blind to see it.

3.  Spread of Same sex relationships:- Whether we call it nonsense or not, trust me Homosexual acts now exist in our higher institutions (don’t ask me how I know this, go and find out) and they are hoping to broaden their immoral ministry, trust me, this is the best time for them to do so as they are all at home together now… Hmmmm **Are you thinking what I’m thinking?**

4.  Fraud/ Internet scam:- We keep saying maga no need pay and yet, the school activities that is should keep the students busy has now come to a halt!!! Abeg, I don’t even want to talk jare**

5.  Peer Pressure:–  Beside being exposed to peer pressure in school, being home doesn’t  make any difference.  Friends who might have been ‘good’  or ‘well behaved’ whilst in secondary school might have picked up on one or 2 two bad habits which they are willing to share with another peer.  This is where powerful peer pressure (PPP) takes precedence all in the name of acting cool.

6.  Wayward ways:- Some might not go the hemp way, but due to certain awkward errands they are asked to by their parents might want to act out of hand and behave wayward to them.

7.  419:- Naturally, some are gifted to be criminally intelligent and this strike is the opportunity they have to use their brains in this awful direction.

8.  Bunkering:– This one ehn… I still don’t know why people engage in it,  especially going by the statistics of people it has killed over the years. And recently, many boys I know now opt for this deadly option. As I don’t know what they are enjoying in it, I can’t particularly say much about it, but sha, the government has plenty to lose in terms of human resources and natural resources (The Oil).

9.  Thuggery:- This is the best opportunity availed to the student whose friend is now a member of RTEAN/NURTW to mingle with him again… You know that’s Agbero right? (My Point exactly)

10. Cultism:- To summarise these whole immoral acts, this is the best time for cult groups to scout for new members and where then lies the future of this great nation????

That is where I’ll stop for now but really,**e tire me gan oo**



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