ZestVille …Episode 12 by @Tomilola_coco

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“It’s Ebuka” Chisom said as soon as Kofo was out of the house. “He is up to something and I sense it is something bad. I’m worried about him”

Korede wondered what Ebuka might be up to. His friend could take care of himself and he wasn’t sure he should be worried about him at the moment.

He wondered if Chisom and Ebuka still had something together, considering the fact that he’d slept with her weeks back.

“How serious is this thing he is up to? Do you have any idea what it might be?” He inquired and Chisom shook her head in response.

“We were supposed to see tonight anyway. I’d see if he’d open up about anything. Give me a second I need to take a shower” he then added and left the sitting room.

As he entered his room and stripped himself of his clothings, his mind wandered to his sister and what she might be up to.

He knew her very well and he knew the look he saw on her face before she left his apartment meant she was up to something.

He understood why she wanted their mother’s killers found but he didn’t understand why she refused to be logical. Maybe because Malika was involved?

When Kofo had been locked up after Malika disappeared, nobody had raised eyebrows when the police let her go after his mother had pulled strings. Not even the mystery witness that came forward had come back to complain.

Kofo didn’t see that now, all she wanted was Malika’s head.


“I want you to follow their every move. Break into that house and fix cameras if you have to. I want to know when they visit the toilet, when they pee and when they eat. I want to know what happens everytime.” Kofo said to the burly man seated opposite her in the bar. She’d driven over there to see him immediately she got off the phone with him when she left her brother’s house. They were in a bar located somewhere in Ikotun, touts and skimpy dressed ladies paraded themselves everywhere and she was grateful this man who was some sort of private investigator had decided to stay in a secluded part of the bar where nobody could really see them.

“I need leads. I’m sure they committed the crime but I want them caught red handed. If the police won’t do anything, then I will.” She added and the man nodded. He clearly understood her. He stretched his hand for a handshake. Kofo stared at him and eyed him, she wasn’t going to take his hands. She dropped on the table a cash of 100 thousand naira and got on her feet.

“I’m giving you seven days for this job. Don’t screw up” and then she turned and left.


When Korede emerged from the room minutes later, Chisom was at the dining table, pouring herself liquour. Some of her things were scattered on the couch and he couldn’t help but take a closer look at the contents on the chair. What he saw almost sent him reeling backwords.


Malika tried to knock and then for the third time decided against it. She’d been standing at the door for five minutes or more. She knew Korede was inside but she was too scared to knock.

She wanted to see him, wanted to talk to him but she wasn’t sure she was ready for the meeting.

They hadn’t really seen since his mother had mysteriously ended up dead in her bedroom and for some reason she couldn’t explain, she wanted to really see him.


Chisom watched Korede from where she was standing and she knew that he knew. He dragged his gaze to meet hers and calmly asked her the question, “you are pregnant?”

She nodded. Then she dropped the glass of liquour she shouldn’t even be drinking considering her expectant state and moved closer.

“When were you going to tell me?” He asked, slightly disappointed.

She searched for words but couldn’t find any.

“Chisom I wouldn’t have asked you to remove if you didn’t want to? What’s the next step now?” He asked her and she sighed and fell into his arms.

He held her in a warm embrace.

Malika finally found the courage to step in and she did without knocking.

Chisom and Korede turned to look at her as she gazed at them, disappointed at first and then hurt.

She dashed out of the house.


“Are you sure you’re fine?” Aaliyah asked her sister again and Malika nodded.

“You don’t look like it”

“I know. But I’d be fine” Malika replied and grabbed her car keys. “Tell mom I’d be back” then she left the house.

She was headed to a bar, she’d have a few drinks, maybe even foolishly have random sex and then head back home to sleep.

Then by the next day, she’d go to work and bury her head in work.

Korede had not tried to reach her. She wasn’t even sure he followed her out of the apartment after she stormed out. Her heart sank. She was insanely in love with him but he didn’t seem to feel that way about her.

Maybe she deserved it. She was a bitch who had intruded the lives of zest villers anyway, so maybe she deserved a little bit of Karma’s dish.

Her phone buzzed and it was Bade. She was sending her a message on bbm to inform her she was coming home soon.

Malika smiled. Finally, her best friend would be close. She typed a response and got into her car.


Korede had been trying all day to fight away the guilt but he couldn’t.

He had followed Malika to the door but had watched her drive away without doing anything. He didn’t want her to go, didn’t want to live without her but he couldn’t do anything. Not when she was his half sister.

But then he still wanted to see her. Talk to her, hold her hands.

He had cancelled the hang out with Ebuka for the night. He would see him later. He was sure whatever Chisom felt was wrong wasn’t so serious.

He got into his jeep and decided to go find her in zestville. He didn’t want to call her. Didn’t want to hear her say no to him, so he decided to go find her at home. Hopefully, she’d be there and would be ready to listen.

Immediately he got into his car and locked the door, the voice he heard startled and chilled him.

“Now drive where I tell you to”

A gun was put to his head, he couldn’t turn to see who it was but he knew someone was in his car and he was in deep shit.


Malika hadn’t expected it to rain. If she knew it was going to rain she would have stayed back at home, gotten drunk on her own supply of alcohol and tucked herself into bed.

But now she was halfway in traffic and she couldn’t turn back and head home.

She sighed and decided to take an alternate route. Immediately the car in front of her moved, she pulled out of the queue and made a turn. She hoped the traffic on the alternate route wouldn’t be as heavy.

She was breaking a traffic rule, she knew. The short road that linked the alternate route was a one way and she was driving the wrong way. She accelerated so she could exit the road as fast as possible. She didn’t want to face LASTMA officials, not tonight.

Chris Daughtry‘s “Life After You” began to play on the radio and as much as she loved the song, she wasn’t sure she wanted to listen to a love song at the moment. While she was still speeding, she tried to change the station. If she hadn’t been concentrating on the radio station, she would have seen Korede’s car coming in the opposite direction and she would have swerved off the road rather than collide into his car.

Damn! Korede thought as he rammed into the car in front of him. He’d been nervous and thoughtful as to how to escape the unwanted visitor in his car that he’d not seen the driver who had decided to break traffic rule and drive one way.

The man in his car jerked forward as he slammed on the brakes and seeing this as his opportunity, he hit the man’s head on the dashboard as many times as he could as the latter struggled to no avail to be free. Korede grabbed his keys and got out of the car.

Only then did he see it was Malika he had hit. Only then did he realise she was unconscious and hurt.

His heart broke as he yelled her name “Malika!”



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  1. This is good @least it will gv dem both A̶̲̥̅ chance t̶̲̥̅̊ợ̣̣̇̇̇ hear themselves out. Good sweety

  2. I don’t like this series anymore. You just keep going in circles and not resolving any bit of the issue. And you are making it shorter and shorter. I’ll try for the last time next wednesday and then i think i’ll give up on this. sorry

  3. Haba! Dis is 2 short na,didn’t even enjoy it dat much,pls mk dis thing twice a wkk @least,will av 2 wait 4 a whole week again…arrrrrgh.☹

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