ZestVille …Episode 11 by @Tomilola_coco

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Malika didn’t know what to do next. Call the police? Call the hospital? Who in the world was the woman lying lifeless in her room to start with?

Like she could read her mind, her mother answered the unspoken question, “It’s Amina Kuti. Alhaji’s first wife…”

Korede and Kofo’s mother? Nice. Now they really were in trouble. How would they tell the whole world they knew nothing about this? They had to act fast really. They had to.

But she was clueless at the moment. She wasn’t sure if she could even think. Why and how did the woman’s body end up in her bedroom?

“We need to call her family” her mother suggested.


“I don’t know what both of you were thinking when you decided to call the Kutis but you seriously realise we just set ourselves up right?” Aaliyah asked her mother and sister. Sometimes she wondered how she came to be related to both of them because she sure didn’t think like them, didn’t understand why they thought the way they did and why they made decisions based on those ridiculous thoughts.

“Calling the police would have been worse. This is the lesser evil of the two Aaliyah” her mother replied.

Malika still wasn’t saying much. She had called Korede, told him to come to her place with his sister as soon as possible and after that she’d poured herself a glass of liquour.

Right now, she was staring deep into it, hoping that the body in her room would disappear and the drama would cease.

This was more trouble. Showing up at the Kutis unwelcomed and unwanted was easier to deal with than having to announce to them that somehow, their mother had ended up dead in her bedroom.

“Is she even dead? She might be unconcious…or just seriously wounded. You didn’t check, maybe…”

“She’s dead Aaliyah” she interrupted her sister, providing the facts to her.

She hadn’t touched the woman but she knew she was gone.

“I fucking hate all of these!” Aaliyah inched closer to the table, grabbed her sister’s glass and downed the content of the glass.

The doorbell rang.

The three women exchanged glances, each heart beating fast and each fearing to face the trouble that will begin once that door was opened. They all knew once the door was opened, their lives would change forever.

Malika decided to bell the cat, it was her house anyway. She walked to the door and let Korede in. Kofo wasn’t with him, she wasn’t surprised but she was relieved.

“Malika I have been worried sick about you. I tried calling you…I’m so sorry…I…you need to forgive me” he began, his eyes pleading and his heart racing, hoping things would be different. Hoping she would forgive him and let them start afresh. He reached for her hands and held them in his. He wanted her, wanted to be with her, wanted to make things work.

But then, she was his sister. Damn! Someone needed to constantly remind him of that unpleasant piece of information. He wondered if she knew yet? She should. At least by now.

She looked effortlessly beautiful even now when she wore no make up and her hair was tied in a single braid. Her eyes said nothing, she just stared at him, saying nothing.

He’d tried to imagine what it would be like when he saw her again and how angry she’d be at him. He hadn’t thought she’d just stare at him, saying nothing.


“Your mom” she finally spoke.

“What about her?”

“She’s lying on the floor in my bedroom. Dead”


“I will show each one of you! From your gold digging mother to the smallest of you! The battle has just started. I will deal with you!” Kofo was enraged and as much as Akin tried to calm her, she was trying her best to pull away from him and go meet the Alius.

Korede stood with the police now, listening to them.

“We will need to take them all in for questioning”

“But what’s the proof they committed the crime. You heard them say they found her dead in the room when they returned.” Korede said.  He was still in shock, still couldn’t believe what had just happened but he also didn’t think Malika and her family should be hurled to the police station when they hadn’t committed the crime.

“Yes. But we still need to ask them questions. This is a murder case Mr Kuti.” The police officer replied.

Korede nodded. He glanced at Malika, she was standing near her mother and sister, her arms folded and her expression unreadable.

She looked tired, exhausted and lost.

His heart went to her and all he wanted to do was hold her in his arms, kiss her forehead,  while they both consoled each other.

But he knew the police wouldn’t let him be with her. They had to do which was right.

He’d lost his mother and father in the space of what, two days? What was going on?

He was a man. And he wasn’t going to curl up and cry but he needed someone to talk to. He needed someone around.

His phone rang. It was Chisom.

“Chisom” he said as he picked the call.

“Oh my gosh, I just heard now! Ebuka told me and…oh my…I’m coming to zest ville right away! You need me!” She said and hung up.

He hadn’t texted Ebuka earlier so the latter would tell the whole world but again, he could make do with Chisom’s company.

But first things first, he had to get his mother’s body deposited in a morgue, calm his sister and make sure Malika and her family were fine.

He glanced at the Alius again. One thing was for sure, they were three very beautiful women. Even in the midst of all the chaos, they still looked like movie stars.


“They will rot in jail. Each one of them!” Kofo yelled. Her two elder brothers were in the country. And they were all delibrating on their mother’s sudden and suspicious death.

As the only daughter, they’d let her talk first, say what was on her mind and reveal what she wanted and as they just found out, she wanted vengeance.

“Korede?” Kassim turned to look at the youngest in the family. Kassim Kuti was the eldest child and he wasn’t really close to his youngest brother. This was mainly due to the fact that he was about ten years older than Korede and he(Kassim) had left for the UK before he was twenty. They had only seen during holidays when Kassim came home or during visits to the Uk when Korede came with their mother. And they’d had little time alone and very little things to talk about.

“They didn’t kill her” Korede replied

“What? How would you even know?!” Kofo yelled exasperated. Was this her younger brother pitching his tent with the enemy again?

“Because they had no reason to” Korede responded

“They sure do. They want our dad’s money!” Kofo shouted

“And how would you know that for sure? I’m not even sure Malika knew who our mother was” Korede replied gently.

“I bet she did. And I bet she collaborated with her crazy, gold digging mother to do this sick thing too!”

“And she would call me after murdering my mother?  Why would she do that?” Korede inquired.

“Maybe because she wanted to cover up? Just so you won’t suspect her? They do these things in movies all the time!”

“And this is real life Kofo. Besides, I’m sure all of this hatred is because of your grudge against Malika. Deep inside of you, you know she didn’t do this. You’re just looking for a way to punish her for sleeping with your husband”

“How dare you?!” Kofo asked and Korede went silent. He hadn’t meant to say that. But Malika was innocent. Surely his sister could see that?

“You both need to calm down” it was the second born who spoke now. His name was Kayode, he was the managing director of a skin healthcare company based in South Africa. He was very much like Korede, they shared the same features and most times the same ideas.

Kofo faced him now “he needs to apologise Kayode”

“He will. Korede, apologise to your sister. That was insensitive” Kayode said to his younger brother.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that. I really am sorry” Korede apologised

“Now let’s talk like adults. What do we do about these Alius?” Kayode asked, facing his siblings.


“You can’t possibly let them go unpunished Korede. They certainly know something about that murder” Chisom said to Korede now as she gently placed kisses all over his body and massaged it at the same time. Her hands found her way skillfully around his skin, as she carefully but firmly made him feel relaxed.

Korede was confused, he was clueless but he knew there was something he had to do. What it was, he didn’t know yet.

He and his siblings had agreed to let the Alius go home and cooperate with the police from there, they’d also agreed to let the investigation continue. The police would need to investigate any other person that might have wanted their mother dead.

Kofo had not agreed with them but she’d been left with no choice because her three brothers had made her understand it was the fair and right thing to do.

Korede moaned now as Chisom teased his earlobe with her tongue, her hand found his zipper and undid it while she searched for his dick.

“I heard men need sex more when they are grieving. Let me love you baby” she whispered into his ears and smiled triumphantly as he kissed her as if his life depended on it.


Malika got out of bed and quietly strolled out of her room. Since she discovered Amina Kuti’s body in her room and the murder case started a week before, she’d been unable to sleep.

She always woke in the dead of the night because of either a nightmare or because she was worried about the whole murder case and would then watch movies on tv till morning.

She strolled into the sitting room now and heard little noises, her younger sister was in front of the television, watching something on disney channel.

She sat by her side. Startled, Aaliyah turned to see her sister dressed in tiny shorts and tank, sitting beside her.

“Was it too loud?” Aaliyah asked, thinking the sound from the TV woke her sister.

“No. I was unable to sleep” Malika responded.

“You’re disturbed about something. Its the murder thing isn’t it?” Aaliyah said and Malika nodded. She knew her sister. Right from when they were kids, Malika had always been like that.

She’d not sleep when something was on her mind. Especially if it was something very disturbing.

Both of them hadn’t talked much since Malika’s return into their lives. Aaliyah wasn’t sure why or if she wanted to talk but she was somehow glad they could be a family again.

They were all each other had anyway.

“I’m sorry”. Malika said. “Leaving like that was wrong and cowardly and I had my reasons for doing it but I’m sorry”

For a few seconds, none of them said anything but after a while, Aaliyah finally reached for her sister’s hands and squeezed it.


“It has been three weeks. The police hasn’t found anything. This goes to say they would find nothing eventually. We already have the facts staring hard at us. Those people killed our mother and they aren’t being punished for it.” Kofo was livid nobody agreed with her. Why in God’s name didn’t they see the obvious?

Her elder brothers had returned to their families shortly after their mother’s funeral and they still insisted the Alius shouldn’t be apprehended.

“Kofo, give them more time. Whoever killed our mother and dumped her body in Malika’s house wanted to confuse us all. The person didn’t want us having an idea it might be them, so this would take time but I believe we’d get to the bottom of it all.”

Kofo studied her brother for a little while and frowned. “Why do you always support this girl?” She quizzed.

“Kofo, I am not supporting her. I’m just being rational.” He responded, hoping he really did convince her. He wasn’t taking sides, it was the simple truth.

She nodded, clearly not convinced. But she grabbed her bag anyway. She was leaving. If her brothers have decided to be unperturbed, she would find another means to settle the case.

As she headed towards the door without a goodbye, Korede realised she wasn’t convinced. And knowing his sister, he knew she might be plotting something evil.

“Kofo” he called and she turned to face him but Chisom burst into the apartment before he could speak.

“I need to talk to you now” she said to Korede, her voice carrying a tone of urgency. “Good evening Kofo.” She said to Kofo who only nodded in response.

“I’d see you later brother” Kofo said and left the house.

Korede’s heart skipped a beat, his sister was up to something.

Chisom turned to face him as soon as his sister was out of the door.

“There’s something I need to tell you. And its not good news” she said.


Once Kofo got out of her brother’s apartment, she dialled a number on her phone.

“Hello, make the move”

She smiled wickedly as she ended the call. The world needed to know Kofoworola Akin-Bucknor still got game.



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  1. I’m sorry, but I don’t like dis episode. How is she a suspect when the police themselves have been looking for her for a while. Malika was “kidnapped” so how could she have possibly killed her. The question d police should ask is how was Malika found. U seemed to have left those details out. Nway I still look 4ward to next week’s.

  2. Great episode.interestingly long too. @Feefs, there was a dead woman found in malika’s apartment, it automatically transforms her from a victim to a murder suspect.
    They won’t forget about murder and continue with investigating her own case just bcos she was missing a short while before. Besides, there hasn’t been any proof Malika didn’t murder this woman, what u seem to be forgetting is that the police found d body in her apartment, they won’t take her word for it until she’s proven innocent.

  3. i like!i like! the only issue i have with it, was were you mentioned “dick”. you had a very fantastic soft sexual tone going until you mentioned the word “dick” i got turned off. good job though

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