What your social media says about you

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Welcome to 2013, a year in which, after your oral/written interviews at your new working place is done, your prospective employers go behind your back to conduct another interview without you but with your social media.

Social media is a place to have fun and be yourself and be crazy for a lot of people. While this is not being disputed, what happens when everything you say gets you into trouble? For instance, if you uploaded a nude photo of a woman every other time while you tweet all around the clock, do you think your prospective employers would want an unserious minded individual like you in their working place?

How does it have to do with your employers right?

Well, no mature minded person would upload nude pictures or partying every other night with exotic drinks. And no organisation which wants to succeed would employ such. Its crystal clear.

Again if your Linked in, is full of places you’ve never worked and qualifications that you do not possess, what picture do you think they(your employees) might get?

Your social media might give you a bad/distasteful image whenever others come across it.

Ask yourself how silly your TL or bbm or Facebook might look like to others and try and see if you’d want to be friends with someone like you if you weren’t you.

Maybe you aren’t even as bad as the type of people listed above. Maybe all you do is make offensive tribal jokes, victimise celebrities, tweet fight and argue blindly on every topic with your friends/followers. Do you think this portrays you as a serious minded individual? Do you think this portrays you as a sound individual?

You can go to your interview preparing to wow them by looking dapper/impeccable, you can even pick your answers so intelligently, thereby masking the real you(I mean what their business should be is the work you not the personal you yeah?).

What you do not realise is that your personal life influences your work life and determines how serious you will be in that department.

Your social media which you use as you please however, might just help them see that personal life of yours.

And are they ready to work with that you?

Social media doesn’t only have potentials to ruin your career, it can ruin your relationship with other people.

Imagine a guy/girl who likes you but who sees that you have an offensive bio, are uncouth and totally unpleasant. If this guy/girl isn’t like you, then trust me she wouldn’t want to be with you.

Not as a friend not as a lover.

This simply goes to say that the life you lead on your social media is one you should check, you never know who is checking and how it might help them make an important decision about you.



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