Wasted Sea Men: OAU Student Caught Trying To Flush New Born Baby Down The Toilet (PHOTO)

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A female student of Obafemi Awolow University, Ile-Ife allegedly tried to flush a new born baby down the school toilets.

According to unconfirmed reports I got this morning from students of Obafemi Awolowo University, a female student of the school gave birth in the Moremi Hostel hall toilet and attempted to flush the baby but was caught my the hall cleaners.

They say the girl’s name is Oyin (let’s leave her surname out for now) and she’s a 400l student of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The incident happened very early this morning.

According to a student of the school who sent in the photo, a cleaner heard a baby crying inside one of the toilet stalls and then saw blood coming from under the door. She quickly went to call other cleaners around and they forced the door open.

When the cleaners entered the toilet they saw the student pouring water inside the closet, the baby turned upside down, with the head inside the closet.

One of the women dipped her hand inside and removed the baby…a boy, who was still very much alive but bleeding from the nose. The cleaners called school management who rushed both the girl and the baby to Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital for treatment. The placenta fell while they were rushing the girl to the hospital. (AfricZone)

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  1. It’s true tho! I just don’t understand why! So sad a thing and cruel! Maybe she was trying to avoid the stigma..buh waheva it was, that’s a gross act not appreciating the value of a life!
    Lol..she said she wan “poo poo”..maybe she’s used a kinda sedation to increase the oestrogen hormones in her body to cause the contraction of the uterus for the baby to have popped out! #justsaying
    Btw ff @hubent_

  2. I don’t fink this could be the true intention of the lady cos how can a baby’s head flush or pass through a water closet.

  3. why do Nigerians love spreading rumours?
    I am a student if O.A.U and know what actually happened.This story has been really falsified.
    Examples of things not true are the students department,hodpital she was taken,and that she poured water into the closet to flush the child.

  4. It is unspeakable,unbearable nd incomprehensible.God,hw can people like dis exist among human.May she neva see good all her miserable life.AMEN nd AMEN.

  5. i seriously dont understand why she would do such…i mean thats a lie she was goina flush down there…. Fenk God for d cleaners… Who knows what would have happened

  6. she was able 2 carry D pregnancy 4 nine month, why cant she keep D baby! Haba wat is d differences of carryin D pregnancy n d baby may God 4give us all amen sunma amen.

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