VIDEO: 20-Year Old Lady Who Cries Blood Leaves Doctors Confused

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The phrase “tears of blood” is more than a phrase to 20-year old Yaritza Oliva. It’s her predicament.

Yaritza, who hails from Chile, has complained to doctors of crying blood since the beginning of June, but no doctor has given an official diagnosis yet.

Doctors suspect that Oliva may be suffering from a very rare condition called haemolacria. Little is known about the condition, which causes patients to expel blood through the tear ducts. As reported by Medical Daily, a diagnosis of haemolacria is incredibly rare.

There is no known cause or cure for the mysterious condition. Some doctors have opined that it is caused by tumors or blood-related diseases. However, no known cause has ever been confirmed.
As reported by the Huffington Post, doctors have prescribed eye drops to ease the pain. However, Oliva and her family cannot afford treatment by a specialist. The family is seeking donations to help cover the cost of a specialized examination.


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