Victoria Island Gets Royal Treat as Newton & David Launches in Grand Style

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“It’s all in the details”. The magnitude of these five simple and short words cannot be overemphasized.

Newton & David. Nigeria’s leading events and decor company.

As Mrs. Uche Majekodunmi passionately demonstrated a few of her works, from a career spanning over 22 years in the events and decorations industry in Nigeria, one could not help but wonder how well she paid attention to details for every project she has handled.

The beautiful and well-articulated CEO of Newton & David, went into a bit of how much they took into consideration in the process of planning an event. While many people might think the logistics involved in a regular event might not be beyond venue, people, seating arrangements and refreshment, Mrs. Majekodunmi’s brief lecture would enlighten you on how much more is put into the events that you see and how painstaking the process can be.

One thing that you may find amusing is her in-depth understanding of the names of flowers and their aesthetic suitability. Mrs. Majekodunmi effortlessly brings the a fairy-tale wedding into real life with her very creative mind.

From Events Management, Brand Orchestration, Window Display, Floral Design and Decor, Newton & David produces exceptionally creative concepts and delivers exquisite, unforgettable and seamless events, stunning designs, awesome decor and remarkable floral displays. Newton & David’s work is second to none.

As  well as bespoke event advisors, Newton & David provide a full event management package, working with clients with diverse needs and expectations.


A Taste of Finer Things

In a brief chat with the press, Mrs. Majekodunmi gives a taste of the artistic capabilities of Newton & David as she gets her team to set up a table in the presence of everyone.

The fish bowls and carefully selected flowers as well the imperial ambiance would make you wonder if you were somewhere on the other side of the sea.

Here is a taste of what to expect from the launch of the Victoria Island store on Friday, 14th June, 2013.

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A taste of how a table is set-up

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