Too Much Money: Report Reveals How Wizkid Wrecked His Porsche (VIDEO)

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According to investigations carried out by Nigerian Entertainment Today, the accident that led to the wrecking of Wizkid’s mew Porsche was partially the singer’s fault.

Investigations and eye witness accounts reveal that Wizkid’s accident was not caused by another motorist; the story goes that the singer was spotted racing down the Lekki-Epe Expressway towards the Lekki Tool gate when the front tire burst sending the car in a twist of spins. Eye witness accounts tell NET that Wizkid’s car spun around about four times before dragging along the concrete sidewalk. Within seconds, the right side of his Porsche was shredded. The airbags had activated, keeping the passengers in the car safe.

We could not confirm if Wiz was driving or being driven.

On-lookers tell NET that as soon as the car stopped spinning Wizzy and his bodyguard jumped out. ‘They got out immediately, Wizkid looked a little distressed but was okay, his bodyguard immediately grabbed a screwdriver and began removing the license plates‘, an eye witness who was attending the a party at Oriental Hotel, directly opposite the scene of the accident told our correspondent.

Minutes later, another vehicle arrived and picked up Wizkid, while his bodyguard stayed put until a tow truck arrived to tow the crashed car. A security patrol vehicle also arrived the scene keeping cameramen and others at bay.

Wizkid’s manager Godwin Tom confirmed the accident but also noted that Wizkid wasn’t injured. The Pop singer took to social media Twitter to calm nerves of his hundreds of thousand of fans when he tweeted ‘Thankful‘.

The accident occured exactly one month after Wikzid revealed he had acquired the N14m luxury automobile.

Interestingly, another accident happened a few minutes after Wizkid’s. A black SUV was smashed from the back by a red salon car while the latter was trying to take pictures of Wizkid’s car. An Oriental staff (who claimed anonymity) disclosed that three other accidents had occured on that same spot the day before. (NET)



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