Tonto Dikeh Facing 15-Year Prison Sentence Following Marijuana Pictures

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You should learn to watch what you put up on social media, especially when you’re a celebrity.

Tonto Dikeh might be in a lot of trouble after officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency stated that she could face up to 15 years in jail for taking pictures of banned substances and encouraging their consumption.

Dikeh had on Friday posted photographs of a wrap of hemp and grains of the weed formed into the letters, ‘Happy birthday POKO.’

She also posted a photograph of herself and added the inscription, ‘Mi smoke ganja mi smoke weed while my hatez smoke ma gossip.’

Her picture is a close-up of her face that seemed to depict her in a high state.

When Saturday PUNCH contacted NDLEA for comments, its spokesman, Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju, said the matter would be investigated.

He said the matter had been referred to the appropriate department of the agency.

Ofoyeju said, “Our attention has been drawn to the post quite frankly and I can tell you that action will be taken on it. The law is clear and NDLEA has been very clear on the issue. No one is permitted to sell, use, cultivate or encourage the use of Indian hemp in Nigeria. The weed is one of the banned narcotics in the country.

“NDLEA Act Section 14 (b) states that any person who conspires with, aids, abets, counsels, attempts to commit or is an accessory to any act or offence referred to in this act shall be guilty of an offence under this act and liable on conviction to be sentenced to imprisonment for a term not less than 15 years and not exceeding 25 years.

“Investigation has not started as of now but definitely, a step has to be taken on the matter. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse; so, it is obvious that the actress stands the risk of 15 years jail term. The appropriate department is meeting on the issue for necessary action.”

The NDLEA spokesman, however, declined to give any hint on particular steps the agency would take in its investigation, citing reasons bearing on ethics.

Dikeh’s post has expectedly drawn mixed reactions from readers, with many of them voicing concern for the way she is living her life.




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  1. NDLEA should rest!.. Was that picture taken in Nigeria, just bcos she’s Nigerian they must talk, people judge too much, Terry G among other Nigerian musicians and actors/actress all smoke weed. She is just expressing herself, if u don’t like it then don’t look, ignore her nd mind ur biz. How local can people be its obvious she had a red contact lens ON!. Pls Research on WEED b4 u Judge..

  2. Please all of you morons dissing weed and the smokers… smoking weed and chilling or getting drunk and falling over, get hit by a car or even drive drunk and die. People should start observing that things change now, some people smoke it does not make them evil and about been ashamed like most idiots posted here, you should be ashamed of yourselves for thinking weed is a class A drug. Bunch of dumb ass cave people. Btw by birth am, but ,most of you are still dumb when it comes to some social activities.

    1. You are very right tell em! People shld learn to mind their business and leave tontos business.Its her life dumbasses

  3. Pple should should read dis post over again to avoid opening n closing our dump holes called mouths……now my questions: 1) weed is taken 4 medical reason…YES….Is Tonto ill/sick?
    2) Is dis same marijuana accepted in London?
    3) Don’t u think she went too extreme showing it off…..I am nt sure I ve seen Terry G /oda artistes show off marijuana…we. All assume cos we knw what goes on back stage
    4) Don’t u think this could also tarnish d image of Nigerians since lately we have a flare for bn on d bad side d news…..dnt mind ur biz in dis case if u ve intentions of reaching international airport

    Hmmm….Nobody is above d law….she for just write on her table with M&K /smarties…it should still be available….I hope n pray she learns

  4. Make dis pipo rest ah ah make person no smoke. Y is it that we stop tins dat make some pipo happy
    (i too smoke weed oya com carry me na)

  5. I’m interested in knowing how NDLEA hopes to prove that what is on the table is actually marijuana. All they have is her word which she can change tomorrow and say it wasn’t actually marijuana but tea leaves or something.
    If they didn’t actually see it or test it,,,, case outta da window!!!

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