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Elizabeth’s companion looked impatient. “Young lady we have to go now.”

“Let me visit sometime.” I begged her.

Elizabeth smiled at her. “Mother, please…”

“You know we don’t give those privileges at the home.”

I urged her. “Make an exception for me. I want to be her friend.”

She shook her head in disagreement. “I am sorry.” She said, and held Elizabeth’s hand firmly. “It’s getting dark.” Elizabeth groaned.

I frowned. “You are holding her against her wish.”

She smiled and released her slightly. “Ms…”

“Kimberly. Kim Banks.”

She adjusted her glasses as she continued. “Ms. Banks, we do not allow visitors into our homes…”

“But Mrs. Olugbile has her grand children over every weekend. I feel Old there!” Elizabeth cut in abruptly.

I stared at the Mother. She snorted gently and continued. “…unless there is appropriate permission to visit.” She stressed with a smile as though Mrs. Elizabeth had failed in ‘falling her hand’. “So, Ms. Banks, we are sorry.” She said, holding Elizabeth’s hand. “Mrs. Olugbile’s family granted them permission.”

I blinked and took a deep breath. “Could I come and register to be her guest?” I asked. “You have to be from Victoria’s Parent home, right?” I asked. It was the nearest home to this environment.

“Yes.” She replied, taking a deep breath. “Ask for Mother Francesca when you come.”

I grinned with so much delight. “Thank you Mother. I’ll see you tomorrow…” I said smiling at Elizabeth.

She firmed her lips together for a smile and then a tear dropped. “Thank you for being my friend, Kimberly.”

“Thank you too…” I replied as she walked away with Mother Francesca.


Henry poured himself some juice. “And that was how my supervisor walked in and was like… ‘That’s my boy…we had a good rehearsal’”

“Stupid man…” Ini scoffed. “Who won’t identify with a success?”

Henry grinned. “Want some juice?” he asked, downing another cup.

She hissed. “I have always known that you lack manners…is it now that you are offering me the juice?” she asked, lifting the juice pack.

He scoffed. “I thought you won’t be interested.” He said, pouring her what was left of the drink. He drummed on the pack effortlessly as he poured its remains. “See…I emptied it.” He said, hurling the pack into the bin.

Ini picked her cup and turned on the gas. “It’s really funny that Kim hasn’t called to say anything about her day.” She started, as she cleaned the pan. “Do you want some pancake?”

He nodded excitedly. “Yes, thank you.” The door bell chimed. “I’ll get it.” He said, dashing out of the kitchen. He took a peek through the door hole and opened the door. “Welcome Man, did you get the booze?”

Marcus waved the nylon proudly. “Of course…liquors aren’t a big deal to get.”

“Oh…well, my father is against me taking alcohol, but he loves to take it, what kind of man is that?”

Marcus closed the door. “In that case, you won’t be having any of these.”

“Really? No way Marcus, you can’t do that to me.”

Marcus joined Ini in the kitchen. “Hey Babes! Limited stock here and the minority…” he stressed eyeballing Henry “…is likely to sit out.”

Ini sighed and placed the drinks in the fridge. “Cut it Marcus, you know he would need to help us. At least, we have to finish the drinks before our ‘Mothers’ return, so we may just use his help.”

Henry nodded with a smile. “Ah-ah…so you need me because you don’t want Kim or Tola to know that you have had some booze in the house.” He shrugged. “It smells, you know.”

“Of course…” she replied, shoving him out of the way.

Henry took his seat. “Doesn’t Kimberly take alcohol?”

Ini rolled her eyes. “Do you need a soothsayer to confirm everything we had said?”

Marcus opened a can and started to sip. “Ini, Shola wants to meet with us tomorrow. She sent me a mail.”

She scoffed. “Why?”

He shrugged. “I really don’t know, but I think she wants us to have a discussion.” He said, looking at Henry with an acute eye. Ini rose her eyebrow as she ‘got’ the message.

Henry sighed. “So, how’s my cousin doing?”

“I am not her bloody Manager. You could ask her.” Marcus replied.

Ini laughed as she served the pancakes. “Marcus chill…”

Henry nodded and took a bite. “He needs to chill.”

The door bell chimed. Ini stared at Marcus. “Keep the drinks.” She said, hastily.

Henry scoffed. “They’ll still find out.” He said and danced off to open the door. “Heyyyyyyyy…” he slurred as he paused. “Why are you here, Shola?”

Shola eyeballed him and stepped in. “Ini!!!”

Ini poked her head through the kitchen and stepped into the living room. “Shola Jones? I see you have no respect.”

“You boast a very fine apartment.”

Ini hissed. “Paid and furnished by three.”

Shola scoffed and took a seat. “Oh…” she exclaimed staring at a framed picture on the wall. “I want to see yourself and Marcus now.”

Marcus hissed. “Shola, whatever you have to say can wait till tomorrow as stated in your mail, please leave.”

“Marcus…you don get liver o…” she replied, in pidgin English. “I hear say you batter Michael.”

Marcus nodded with a smile. “And I’ll do it again…” he replied.

Shola Jones hissed. “Is there somewhere private where we can talk?” she asked, looking at Henry. “How’s your Father?”

Henry wore a faint smile. “As fit as fiddle.”

“And the store?” she probed.

He nodded. “It’s running well. We have new customers every time and we are making more money.”

She shook her head in disdain. “Petty trade!”

Henry scoffed. “But our money is legit!” he replied, with some scorn in it.

“Let’s keep our dirty linens away from here. If you know what I mean…” she replied.

Ini stepped in. “Shola, this is private property, not the agency, and you are clearly not welcome here.” She said, approaching the door. “Please leave, we’ll have our meeting tomorrow.”

“By then, I would be involving the Police and every armed force in this country for your attempt on my life.”


David threw a pin on the dartboard with so much venom. “Atta boy!” Oyinkan exclaimed as she turned in the swivel chair. “You know, if you channel your anger into breaking off from your Dad, you may have your own life.” She said.

He stared at her and removed the darts from the bull’s eye. “I have my own life.”

“No offence, Cousin, but Mr. Coker still rules you.” she replied, and jumped on his bed. “When are you going to pack out of this house, for a start?”

He resumed his position and struck the bull’s eye again. “Soon…”

“How ‘soon’ is ‘soon’, David?”

He took a deep breath, “Stop bugging me, Oyinkan. I need to think!” he replied.

“And throwing Darts make you think? You are angry, David.”

He yelled. “FINE!!! I’ll leave tomorrow!”

She smiled. “I am not forcing you out of your Dad’s house; I only think you should move into your own place.”

“I’ll get that sorted out tomorrow, and before the week is over, you’ll know my house. Is that fine?” he shouted.

She nodded with a smile. “That’s a positive start.”

He sank into the bed. “This is all tiring!” he started. “I am not comfortable with this suspension; I would never forgive Dad for Bola’s death.”

“David, to be honest, you have no proof.”

He hissed. “He suspended me and sent me off to Jamaica, when I returned; I heard that she died because the oxygen supply failed. Who else could have done that?” he asked, angrily. He took off his jacket and slammed it on the floor.

“Bola had relapsed finally.” Oyinkan said, softly.

He shot at her angrily. “I could have helped her! Dad said she was making me too soft, so I am sure that he had to kill her.”

“You are labeling your Dad a murderer, can you live with that?”

He nodded. “I am sure he did. If he could throw my Mom away, he is capable of any sort of evil.”

Oyinkan stared at her wristwatch. “I am meeting some friends for drinks in about thirty minutes, wanna come?”

David shook his head in disagreement. “Nah…you go along. I want to be alone.”

“You are always alone, David.” She said, standing up. “Erm…I think you should take advantage of your suspension and try to know Kimberly better.”

He scoffed. “She’s a writer and unemployed. She had no idea of her family business and she thinks we are rotten. What else is there to know about my Dear future wife?”

“But you used to have a crush on her when we were kids.”

He shrugged. “So? We were kids. I thought she was really smart then, it was easy to like her.”

Oyinkan wore a sensual smile. “Is that all?

He grinned. “And she was and is still very beautiful.”

“Beautiful girl with big brains, you are in luck!” she said, tapping his shoulder.  “I’ll say you should go out with her, at least try to make your own marriage better than your parents.”

He nodded. “We have a fund raiser this weekend. I’ll see how we fare there.” Oyinkan winked and walked out.


I walked in as Henry closed the door after me. “Hi…where’s everyone?”

“My cousin appeared and it seems that she, Ini and Marcus have a lot to talk about, so they left. Tola is upstairs.” He briefed.

I stared at him. “And you? It’s getting late.”

“I wanted to wait for you to give you the good news.”

I nodded with a smile. “What’s that?”

“My presentation was a success. Everyone loved ‘Please Break My Heart’” he squealed excitedly and jumped at me.

We locked in a hug and danced round. “Seriously? And your supervisor?”

He started to laugh. “He is my biggest fan.” He said with a mocking smile. “Ladies were all over me today, I thought you deserved a gift.” He said, bringing out a pack.

I smiled. “So, because you had a smashing presentation and ladies flocked you, you think it’s necessary that I get a gift?” I asked, collecting the gift bag. He raised an eye brow as I brought out his gift. My smile soon faded as I brought it out. “Henry…” I stressed. “Isn’t this gown meant to be for your girlfriend?”

He scoffed. “What girlfriend?”

I hissed. “Game up, Henry! Are you trying to ask me out?”

He frowned. “Why should I? And what if I was?”

I shook my head with a smile. “NO!”

He grinned. “But I like you.”

I nodded. “Yeah right! It’s so obvious, but with me, it’s a NO!”

“Why are you being so firm? It’s not like you are in any relationship and you should give us a try, you know.” He said, smiling.

I hissed. “US? You are a joke!”

“whatever! There’ll be other girls.” He said and took his seat.

I smiled. “What were you ever thinking, Henry?” I asked. “Joker…” I added.

“Is it a big deal that I like you?”

I shook my head in disagreement. “Of course not, everyone is entitled to their own feelings, but I just didn’t see it coming and I am not even going to see it as a probability, talk more of a possibility”

He smiled. “Anyway, I bought the gown for you the other day, so you might as well try it on.”

I hissed. “Henry, you are full of it. Anyway, thank you.” I said, with a smile.

“Do I get a kiss?”

I scoffed. “You won’t even get a peck.” I replied. Henry motioned towards me. “Really, Henry?”

He shrugged. “I want the kiss.”

“Henry, are you out of your mind?” I asked, unnerved.

He nodded. “I enjoy messing with you.” he said, leaning over me. “Just a kiss, and I’ll leave you alone.”

I hissed and slid away from him. “Forget it.” I stood up and stared at him. “Get your own girlfriend.”


I turned to see Tola. “Hey…thought you were asleep.”

She looked at the clock. “Get out, Henry. It’s past your bed time.” She ordered. I laughed mockingly.

“It’s just 8.” He replied.

She nodded. “Leave!” she said.

He took a bow and smiled. “Good night, my lady.” He said and tried coming close to me but I ran to Tola. “See ya!” he said and shut the door after him.

“So, what were you guys trying to do?” Tola asked, as she strode into the kitchen and returned with an apple.

I grinned. “Tola, nothing!”

She nodded. “Na so…” she jibed in pidgin. “How was your day? Unlike you to return late.”

I smiled and then screamed. “I got a job!!!!”

“Oh my!!!” she screamed and hugged me. “I am so happy for you. What’s the pay like?”

I frowned. “Madam, do you know if I work as a KFC attendant?”

She smiled. “I am sorry, it’s all about money. Anyway, where do you work?”

“Millaroca Magazine.”

She raised an eyebrow. “With Ben Ten, right?”

I hissed. “He didn’t help me get the job.” I replied.


Shola Jones leaned against the Murano. “It’s your call, Ini.” She said, with an evil grin. She stared at the CD in her hand. “You are pure evil, Ini.”

Marcus took a deep breath. “This is just blackmail.”

She nodded. “You have a choice, I am not forcing you guys, I have fine evidence. Sleeping around does pay you know.”

“How am I sure that’s the only copy?” Ini asked.

She smiled. “I don’t intend to mess you up; this is the only footage from the day of my accident. I stole it from Koba, he was called to review the footage from the Ladies which is usually private as you know.” She started. “I overhead the information and I got there first and picked it out. He must be searching for it.”

Marcus hissed. “I don’t believe you; you must have a copy of this!”

She nodded. “Of course I have my copy! But the agency has no copy and won’t have if you cooperate with me. All I need is for you to give me 70% on every deal of yours; at least, the agency prefers you and I won’t be getting any deals with you around.” She concluded.

“You slept with Koba, right?” Ini asked.

Shola smiled. “Eewww!!! No, the Manager! That’s when I knew the footage was going to be reviewed.”

Marcus spat. “You disgust me.”

She smiled. “You guys are more disgusting! Reducing yourselves to changing my cream to get me off a job is really cheap, you know…”

Ini nodded. “50%”

Shola laughed hysterically. “You think say na Yaba market we dey, no pricing for here.” She rolled in Pidgin English.

“But 70% is pure robbery! You might as well put a gun to her head and collect all her salaries.” Marcus replied, angrily.

Shola looked over her shoulder. “I think you should reduce your voice.” She said, smiling at the passers-by. “You are gaining interest from the people passing and of course the folks in the restaurant.”

Ini placed her hand on Marcus’s shoulder indicating that he calmed down. “55%”

“Ini Obong! NO!” She replied.

Marcus was livid and he charged towards her. “This b*tch!”

Ini swiftly held him back. “Your Adrenaline these days is serious.” She said, with a smile.

“Did you want to hit me, Puppet?” Shola asked. Ini eyeballed her coldly. “That’s really cowardly and you shouldn’t use such foul words on females.”

Ini stared at her. “Listen Shola, if you don’t want to end up looking like Michael, I advise you keep your running mouth in check. 60% and that’s all, you can go to hell!”

Shola smiled. “I love the way you bargain. Fine!” she handed the CD to Ini.

“I’ll need your other evidence!” Marcus ordered.

Ini stared at Marcus admirably. “Yes, we need your evidence!”

She sighed. “It’s for my own protection. When I receive my first 60%, you’ll have it, I promise. However, you have in your hands that of the agency.”

“When they discover that this is missing, how would you sort it out?”

She rolled her eyes. “That’s true…Erm..Marcus, since you are good at replacing, I think we should do that before tomorrow morning. You surely can edit the footage with you, right?”

Marcus took a deep breath. He had a vast knowledge in software engineering. He collected the CD from Ini. “I better get going.” He said. “You would have to return the new one yourself.” He shot at Shola.

“With all pleasure…” she replied.

Ini opened the door of the Murano. “I’ll drop you off.” She offered.

“Never mind.” He said, and walked away.

Shola smiled. “I won’t mind a ride you know.” She said, smiling at her.

Ini hissed and drove off.


I shut my laptop and placed it in my bag. Ini jeered. “You sef don become ‘working class’ for your mind, abi?’ she rattled in Pidgin. I smiled at her. She smiled and continued. “I am happy for you, what I don’t know is how you are going to avoid Ben Ten.”

“I don’t intend to avoid him.” I replied, adjusting my blouse. “I have a mission at Millaroca and I have to make sure it’s done regardless of who I have to work with.”

She smiled. “That’s why I love you; you have some really great principles.”

I rolled my eyes and downed my cup of tea. “I hope I have a good day.”

“You will. Get ready for the days of joining early BRTs.” She replied, staring at the wall clock.

I smiled. “Do you know that I sent a text to David telling him that I now have a job?”

“Really? Why would you do that?” she asked, handing me a bus ticket.

I collected it. “Thanks. I just thought he should know, at least, he’s my to-be husband.” I replied, cynically.

“Did he reply?”

I shook my head. “I was about coming to that part. He didn’t even reply or call.” I said, adjusting my jacket.

“Do you need the Jacket? It’s not a Bank.”

I looked at myself. “I think I want it.” I replied. I took a deep breath. “Why didn’t he reply?”

She shrugged. “I really can’t say. You guys are practically strangers, and he may just think you are pressurizing him to know more about you.”

I hissed dryly. “So it’s okay that he springs Charity events on me and I have to attend them and you think I am pressurizing him by telling him that I now have a job.”

“Kimberly, you can look at it in any direction you think, but what has the text fetched you? He didn’t even reply with a ‘K’” she replied.

I stared at her and we laughed. “I’ll kill him if he sent a ‘K’.” The door bell chimed. “Who could that be?” I asked, staring at the Wall clock. “6:50AM”

Ini smiled as she approached the door. “I am expecting Marcus.” She said and opened the door. “Whaooo!” she exclaimed and stepped aside with a smile. “David Coker, did you miss your way?” she asked.

David smiled as he stepped in. “Nervy First day?” he asked in a rather calm fashion for ‘David Coker’. I raised an eyebrow. “Wow! That’s cool…”

I frowned. “This is not you. What do you want? Is there any function after Friday at the Charity place?” I asked.

He smiled, revealing his slightly broken canine. He must have chewed too much as a kid or maybe still chewing. “I am not that bad.” He started. “Is it a crime if I want to drop my Fiancée at work on her first day?”

I took a deep breath. “And that’s all?”

He nodded confidently. There wasn’t much of a smile on his face this time. “Definitely.”

I rolled my eyes. Do you want breakfast?” I asked. He had his eyes all over my Toast Bread. He laughed sarcastically, in a way I’ve never seen him do before. “What’s funny, Mr. Coker?” I asked.


I stared at him. “Me?”

He nodded. “Yes, you! You are trying to return the favor by offering me bread. Don’t worry, I don’t charge.” He replied.

I smiled. “Why are you not going to work?” I asked, staring at him. He was in a Lacrosse Polo and black Denims. “That’s not David-Coker like.” I said, adjusting my laptop bag.

“Let me take that.” He offered. I smiled and passed the bag to him. “You shouldn’t smile too much. I am not being friendly for no reason.”

I nodded in agreement. “I thought as much. There has to be something attached to your extra niceness.” I said, as I approached the door.

The door bell chimed. Ini jumped up. “Finally Marcus! That dude is just a loafer! Lazy man…” she stressed.

David smiled and pushed the door open. His smile faded. “Good morning.” He said, firmly.

“Morning.” Ben replied.



Tomi Adesina is a screenwriter and fiction series blogger. She wrote the widely read ‘Dear Future Husband’ series(blog series and eBook adaptation) Her blog, Tommyslav’s Island won the best writing blog category (Judges' Choice) in the Nigerian blog Awards (2013). She blogs at


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