TIANA’s BEAUTY TIPS: Olive Oil- More than Just an Anointing Oil

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If like me you thought that Olive Oil (as we all simply call it) was meant for only deliverance and anointing in your church, then today is the day you shall be delivered from that spirit of ignorance. AMEN?!

Growing up, I was introduced to Olive oil in church. You would see a huge crowd of traders hawking ‘Goya’ outside the Redemption Camp during any special camp program when the Anointing Service was expected to take place. We always bought a new bottle for each service because after buying for one service, the bottle, still almost completely full with its contents just laying anywhere around the house, most likely attracting dust to itself, until someone someday will notice the now very dirty bottle and finally trash it. That’s how it always played out in my house. We didn’t have any other need for it.

Due to my love for natural products, I found out that Extra Virgin Olive Oil (the oyibo people actually call it in full) hereinafter referred to as EVOO is a natural beauty remedy. It’s excellent for sealing in moisture to your hair. So I got me a bottle.

This fateful day, I got tired of the way my kajal always stayed on my face even after supposedly taking a shower and washing my face properly with a facial scrub. As I looked in the mirror, my eye caught the EVOO bottle close by and I decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try using oil to wipe off the kajal smear under my eye.

So I took some cotton wool, put a few drops and wiped…and in that moment, I could have screamed EUREKA! It wiped so thoroughly. Still basking in the thrill of my supposed novel discovery, I thought to try it on my face as well. So I took another piece of cotton wool, a bit of EVOO and wiped my face. Brethren, you should see how much brown powder came off. I almost began to doubt I just had the face washed.

I immediately did some research and found out that EVOO is actually an excellent make up remover (Sorry Tiana Einstein L). I also found out some more skin care uses that should get you running to the mall to grab the biggest size after reading this.

1. Before and After Shave: I decided to call it that because Olive oil is an inexpensive and effective lubricant to shave facial and other body hair. Shaving this way makes it a little more sticky and there’s less glide for your shaving stick but clean up is easy and EVOO leaves the skin soft. Rub in an extra teaspoon after washing also. You may consider ditching the hair removal creams after trying this.

2. Ear Wax Softener: You can use EVOO to remove wax from your ears. Say three drops of olive oil in the affected ear each day for three to four days. Place room-temperature drops of olive oil in the ears with an eye dropper in the evening right before going to bed; lying in bed on your side allows the oil to penetrate the wax more deeply.

Bulb Syringe
Bulb Syringe

Use a bulb syringe (or eye dropper if that’s what’s available) to spray warm water gently into the ear on the day following the treatment from the previous night to encourage the lubricated wax to fall from the ear, if necessary. And if not, just use a cotton bud and clean the ear out.

3. Eye and Face Makeup Remover: A few drops of EVOO on a cotton pad goes a long way to remove makeup and impurities. Wipe face in a circular motion. Be careful not to let it get in your eye. Place the cotton pad against your closed eye and gently wipe.

4. Make-up brush conditioner: In addition to using for wiping make up on the face, you can even use EVOO for your makeup brushes. All you do is take a paper towel, put some olive oil onto it, then swirl your brushes around on it. Afterwards rinse it with your facial cleanser, baby shampoo, or makeup cleanser. This will leave them soft, shiny, and clean.

4. Moisturizer:  Apply daily to really dry areas, such as feet and elbows and maybe knees, especially your shower. You can wear a pair of socks after applying EVOO to your washed feet before going to bed and you’d love how soft your feet will feel by morning. It’s also known to lessen the appearance of acne scars.

5. Hair Hot Oil Treatment: If you’re experiencing dry hair or scalp, pour some EVOO into a plastic bottle and place it in a bowl of hot water. Massage a generous amount of heated oil into scalp and hair and wrap hair in a heated towel (soak towel in water, wring so water isn’t dripping and place towel in microwave for 3mins to heat) or sit under a dryer for 10-15 minutes. Rinse hair thoroughly with a mild shampoo.

6. Lip balm: To make a lip balm, pour a tablespoon of EVOO and mix it with pure honey. Then apply to your lips! It’s tasty too. You can also store it in a little container to take with you, but not to be used longer than the day it is prepared.

7. Lip exfoliation: Lip exfoliation is beneficial in removing the dead skin from chapped lips and allows the lip balm to penetrate better. To make a quick lip exfoliator at home, take some granulated sugar and mix it with about a teaspoon of olive oil. Keep mixing until you get the right consistency, but there should be more sugar than oil. Massage into your lips, then gently wipe off with a towel.

I could go and on, but these are the ones I have tried and tested and would recommend any day.

Do you know any other EVOO uses that you would like to share? Would you try any of these at home? We’d like to know what you think




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