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Hey Beautiful people.

If you are familiar with the Lagos scene, you’ll definitely know where Metisse  is but you probably had no idea it was there. Its neatly tucked on the second floor of  AIM Plaza on Etim Inyang crescent, It is sandwiched between Chocolat Royal and Cafe Royal. It is a bit tricky finding the entrance, my advice is to ask the waiters on the first floor.

Metisse is a  Pan-Asian casual dinning  restaurant  serving  Thai cuisine, the first impact here is the ambience of the dinning room. It is not very sizable  but the space has been well managed and nicely put together. I cant categorically say there’s a theme to the decor because you have an undersea theme for the floor, nice  abstract African motifs on the walls , some sort of  glass work  at the bar, in one  corner was a piano auto-playing nice lounge music.
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We were shown to  our seats by an uninterested looking waiter…hmmnnn, should I be worried?  He handed  the menus (food, drinks and desserts) yup  they had a separate desserts menu. Whilst they did not have so many drinks on offer, their cocktail list looked quite interesting, i hoped it tasted just as nice as it sounded….these restaurants just have  a way with cocktails and mocktails. We settled for  “touch of the sun” and   “Thai basil mojito”.

I noticed the waiter did not write down the order but I did not want to make a fuss….Truthfully, I was not expecting much  from the cocktails. It came after about 20 minutes…that is long in my books considering the fact that there were just 4 other diners when we got there. It looked quite nice, and yes it tasted even nicer than it looked!  I took a sip of  foodie mate’s “touch of the sun” and that did not disappoint too.  Halleluayahh!!!, a restaurant that had nice cocktails.  Ace one!

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To the main meal, the food was quite interesting and extensive too. We ordered four  dishes…  the chicken tikka salad, the Nyonya seared salmon, Singapore chilli prawns with white rice  and the  coconut tumeric rice. I hoped this wont take as long as the drinks.  yet again, the waiter did nor write this order down..the guy’s brain must have been supercharged… oh well. I had a strong feeling he was going to bring the wrong entree…..time will tell.

After about 20 minutes, the  chicken tikka salad  came, it looked nice and well presented. The salad was tikka marinated chicken served on a bed of lettuce  with shaved carrots and cucumber & delicious roasted pineapple (I never knew pineapple could be roasted – it added the pop factor to the salad).  It was served with pineapple vinaigrette and mint ratta. It was AMAZING.  Ace two!
Next came the Nyonya  seared salmon and the Singapore chilli prawns. We started with the salmon, I took a bite and I almost started dancing. It was all shades of delicious. I ABSOLUTELY  loved it, it was perfectly grilled salmon served with chilli sauce, green peas and the juiciest grilled tomatoes ever, garnished with coriander leaves…. I think.  Ace three!!!   At this point, I had to ask for the chef but unfortunately he had gone on break. The turmeric rice brought me back to planet earth, it failed to impress. It reduced the flavour value of this entree.

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We moved on to the Singapore chilli prawns…..it looked divine as well ,after a little bit, I realized the waiter had either  brought us the wrong entree or the menu did not describe  the entree properly. I just knew it!  We had gone about half way so there was no point complaining about it. On hindsight, I should have mentioned it.

I figure that I am  a little biased here because I am not a fan of most breaded foods. I am a firm believer of not overpowering the taste of seafood in anyway…this was a little too breaded for me. The sweet chilli tomato sauce that came with it was very nice though.
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The dessert menu was a bit sparse but I still wanted my dessert so I ordered the spicy ginger cake….it came served with caramelized pear and cinnamon ice cream…..the cinnamon ice cream was a first for me. I loved the ice cream. I however had issues with spicy ginger cake, it was somewhat rubbery, I believed this was as a result of over heating in the microwave because it was almost scalding hot when I cut through it.

The caramelized pear seemed bland to me.I did not fancy it all, so I called the waiter to lay my complaints…..he apologized and promptly took it away. He asked If  I would like a replacement , of course  I said yes. I opted for the chocolate molten lava cake;  a chocolate lover would be in paradise  with this…..for me it was too chocolatey  and the  caramel had a bitter aftertaste . The vanilla ice cream was nice.

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We paid  about N18, 500 (120 USD) for one salad, two entrees, one side (turmeric rice),  two cocktails and one dessert. What is your take on this please? I am of the opinion that it is not cheap.

I  would like that as a patron of a restaurant, after my meal, someone will come round and ask how I have enjoyed it….if I did.  I felt the waiter kept trying to rush me to place my order and he kept interrupting our conversation.

Would I go back there? YES.


Layout/Ambience/ Aesthetics– 8

Quality of food– 8 (that spicy ginger cake comes to the fore)

Customer service – 6

Value for money –  7


Metisse Lounge & Restaurant,  267A, Etim Inyang  Crescent, Victoria Island. Tel: 01-2714155-58.

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