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Hey beautiful people,

It was a long  break and the girls and I decided  to hook up ; as always, yours truly had to plan where we would have lunch…..again. ( I’m not complaining though , I quite enjoy these things).  I did not think twice about suggesting Cafe Vanessa (part of Auto Lounge) I’d gone for drinks  with another friend the previous Friday and I really enjoyed it save for a few hitches but because I wanted to share this review with you food lovers, I decided to go back…….this time with more people , people who love good dinning just like me.

When we got in, we were given the option to choose our seats because there were quite a number of free tables. We wanted where we could lounge & have fun , the major diva of the group did not like the seat we picked ( double eye roll; so we had to move to the main dinning area. The main dinning area did not have a lot of space but  what they had was very well utilized with contemporary sofas and lights,the second section of the dinning room was a beautiful cozy setting where you could just lounge on the plush sofas with the collection of magazines.

We were handed the menu , it was quite tattered and it did not have a lot of variety. Considering the fact that it was a  relatively new and  nicely done up place, I had to ask  the waiter why it was so and he said they were coming up with a different concept of ordering meals….an electronic form… time will tell. Well, I will strike that out, but i just needed to mention it to you all. The first time I went to Cafe Vanessa, my friend and I ordered the TEX-MEX meal. It was fresh garlic bread with fresh crispy side salad and the juiciest chicken wings ever, so when I went back with the girls and decided to try that again, so we ordered the TEX –MEX,  Fettucini Gambretti, and  the Combination Seafood. Four chics  with 5 entrees , yup we roll like that, the girls will never admit to being grubbidos, but i know they are ( shoot me if you can). So we waited for our meals…..

After about 15 minutes, the meals did not come we asked the waiter if we could get nuts to hold belle because we were all very hungry, He brought some cashew nuts,  we wolfed it down and the meal still had not come,we asked for seconds and he obliged. To me, he looked like he was waiting for us to finish the nuts because immediately the bowl emptied , he brought our food. Oh goodnessss!!!!it looked so nice….or was it  the hunger?

The Critic reviews Cafe Vanessa01- (360nobs.com)
Cafe Vanessa: Bowl of Cashew nuts
The Critic reviews Cafe Vanessa03- (360nobs.com)
Cafe Vanessa: Fettucini Gambretti

We all decided to do one happy family, we all had our salads first, which was still as crispy as the first time we visited, then we shared the Fettucini  Gambretti , it tasted as divine as it looked. It tasted like freshly rolled Fettucini to me …….it probably was not ( the price did not indicate it) but it was very well made. We did not stop oohing and aahing  till the bowl was wiped clean.

We moved to the mixed seafood …chaii, I was in cloud 9, it was unbelievably  good, we had to send some major compliments to the chef. The calamari and fish were too good to be true, I wonder what the “Italian chef” did to it, it was juicy…. yet crunchy. I could go on and on. I almost ordered a second but the magic would probably have been lost the second time.

The Critic reviews Cafe Vanessa04- (360nobs.com)
Cafe Vanessa: Mixed Seafood served with rice and salad.

We had the Tex –Mex meal last, it was different from the first time I ordered it. The first time it was toasted garlic baguette topped with some herbs, this time it was plain sliced baguette…it was not even toasted , I was not too happy about  that, why do we lower our standards so easily…….

The Critic reviews Cafe Vanessa02- (360nobs.com)
Cafe Vanessa: Tex-Mex served with plain baguette and salad.

What is it with Nigerian bars /  restaurants/ lounges and cocktails?… my simple suggestion is this, if you cant make nice tasting cocktails …DONT! The first time I visited, I ordered a margarita here and it was no where near what i knew a margarita to be. It tasted like something from a concentrate, who serves a margarita without a salty rim.I would score them  just one point out of ten if i had to.The annoying part of this was the the cocktail was overpriced!(N1800)

For four adults, our final bill came to N23,000 (150 USD). ( We did not have any alcoholic drinks  or desserts).

P.S: The Italian chef was not Italian after all. He was one of us….my dear brother from Ikot-Abasi. That Fettucini could have come from any trattoria  in Italy.

Would I go back there?…… Yes



Layout/Ambience/Aesthetics – 9

Quality of Food  – 9

Customer Service – 9

Value for Money – 7


Cafe Vanessa 89B, Agoro Odiyan street, Victoria Island, Lagos.  Tel: +2348061230003

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The Critic

The Critic

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  1. Thank you peju for this article you have put together regarding Cafe Vanessa! We are ‘Cafe Vanessa’ and we appreciate feedback like this because it helps us become more aware of areas in our service that need improvement.

    Cafe Vanessa has in recent times undergone a bit of transformation. Our new Ipad Menu’s are user friendly. We have reshuffled staff a bit and more and we look to continue to provide supreme service to all of our guests that come in.

    Do let us know when next you are in the Cafe!


    Cafe Vanessa

  2. Hey Peju,

    That is not fettuccine, fettuccine is in fact long and flat.
    That looks more like penne to me.
    I do not doubt that it tasted nice, but as a foodie myslef it probably would have pissed me off that it was not actually fettuccine.
    I am surprised you did not notice that/ point that out.


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