The Side Chic Detector

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Women have instincts that most times turn out to be right.

Most of the time, we try not to follow these instincts and believe every word our mind tells us, simply because we know through it all, logic matters.

We might have feelings that at the end of the day might just be what they are; Feelings. But sometimes these instincts end up being right.

In relationships, nobody wants to be cheated on. Nobody wants to get hurt and as I have learnt, even serial cheaters do not want to be cheated on.

If we all knew how to read our partner’s minds and know for real if there’s about to be someone else or if there already is someone else, then we would.

But we can’t.

What we might be able to do however, is to clearly open our eyes and look out for some small but clear signs that might point us in the right direction.

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean your man is cheating on you, it means if it happens often and is followed by an excuse or an unbelievable plea while your instincts are screaming something is wrong, then maybe, just maybe, something is wrong.

Here are the side chic detector that is, actions that he exhibits that might mean there’s someone else.

1. Constant/Never ending arguments: before now, whenever you had an argument, both of you sit down and discuss it like grown ups. When you don’t do that, you find a mature way around it when both of you have calmed down and talk about it.

But these days, all he does is storm out of the house, goes for a stroll(that stretches into hours) or stomps into the room, to make a phone call that lasts forever.

Hmm…if whoever he storms out to meet or call is an available woman, your man might just be seeing someone else.

I mean, if he can storm off to talk to her, why not use that time to talk to you?

2. Suspicious phone calls: before now, all his phone calls were always in your presence. From family calls, to friendly calls to work calls. But all of a sudden, he rushes out to receive his calls, quickly ends them when you stroll in on him receiving calls or tells the person he would call them back when you are around.


Maybe after when you ask who it is, he says “someone unimportant” or “some friend” and quickly steers the conversation in another direction. Then maybe it is someone important, not just some friend and someone you should know about. Because, there just might be another woman lurking around somewhere in your man’s life.

3. He turns off faster than a tap: early in the relationship, he couldn’t wait to get his hands on you or inside you as the case may be. He could do it with you anywhere, from the toilet to the kitchen to the bedroom to the sitting room to the car. But these days, once he gets into bed he’s snoring and doesn’t care if you wear the sexiest lingerie ever.

And even when you make the move, he tells you he appreciates it but would prefer you do it some other time. Seriously? *raised eyebrow*

Check that man well.

4. He rarely communicates anymore: this doesn’t have to be only on the phone. It could be even in person. Maybe you guys used to be so damn close and he was your best friend as you were his.

But these days, the communication has drastically reduced, he would rather concentrate on other things than talk to you, when you call him, he barely speaks for five seconds and tells you he would call back, doesn’t respond to text messages and as much as he claims he is busy, sometimes you call him and he’s on the line for a long time with someone else.

You try to shake off the feeling that something is wrong but hard as you may, you can’t.

Then maybe you should stop trying to shake off the feeling. Maybe something is wrong.

5. Sudden protection: before now, his phone could be with you for a month and he wouldn’t mind borrowing it from you to use.

Suddenly, you pick up his phone to make a quick call because you are low on airtime and bam, there is a password.

You begin to wonder where that came from especially since he’s never locked his phone?

You ask him what the password is and his answer is “why do you need it? What do you need my phone for? I don’t go through yours” seriously?

Something is going down sister. Something is going down.



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