The Hunger Games: UNILAG students protest the price of food (PHOTOS)

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Finished my early morning choral rehearsals at about 9’oclock with the hope of treating myself to a very delicious breakfast, when i heard a protest song from my class sounding like the biafran war song. **Not a laughing matter o** cos they were carrying placcards and they were practically locking all the Food joints in the process. thought it was joke until i entered Mariere hall and saw the women that were supposed to be serving us just looking and hoping for a miracle to happen to the closed door…. **Na their gain dem dey reason**. Thinking the women selling junks in their small kiosks would open, but to my surprise, all the kiosks are locked too!!! HA!!! **How i go take chop?**.

On a more serious note we are not helping ourselves and our pockets at all because for an average like me, to eat to satisfaction, i’ll be thinking 350, **WHY** when i can actually feed on that 350 for a whole day at home. Pure water is still sold at 10 per one and i actually deduced that one of the market women slapped a student because of this 10 pure water which is part of the reason for the peaceful protest. Here are some of the pictures from the protest****

Please ooo….. I’m HUNGRY oooooo


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  1. Lol…nicely written! But seriously,we are hungry in school o! Most of us have to go out to get food to eat!. I feel this action was not properly thought out before carried out!.

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