The Hunger Games: #OperationPriceControl In UNILAG(News Update & Photos)

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So it started like a joke on Monday, 10th of June, with the students of University of Lagos protesting the price of food sold in the school.  You can catch up on how it all started here.

As at Tuesday, no step had been taken to end the strike as the parties involved hadn’t come to terms with each other. Meaning the search for food continued into today. GOD HELP US O… **Chai Na wa ooo**

It was amidst jests, laughter and hunger students marched out of the school gate in search of food Monday and Tuesday respectively for what started like a joke.

The reality dawned on everybody at about 5 o’clock Monday evening when students hadn’t eaten anything and had to go for alternative means which was located out of school in ABULE OJA.

**The comical part was seeing the so-called Tush-Girls line up to buy food at the local canteen outside school. **They looked like they should have gone to KFC – well sh*t happens, Iya Basira won**

**On a lighter note: I spent just N130 on 4 wraps of Amala and Ogunfe which would have torn my pocket if it was in school… Chai, God bless Mamaput for the affordable lunch**

Below are some pictures from the school as well as pictures of students eating outside the school campus.

unilag students protest over foodphoto (3)- (
Locked FSS shopping complex gate
unilag students protest over foodphoto (2)- (
UNILAG students eating outside the school campus.
#OperationFoodControl: Students eating outside

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