ShareMyPlaylists Announces Rebrand to; Accompanied by New Spotify App

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From today, ShareMyPlaylists will be officially rebranding to; a move reflecting the platform’s prominence as a music discovery tool, as opposed to a means through which playlists are shared. In addition to the rebrand, will also be launching a new accompanying Spotify app.

ShareMyPlaylists, a popular music discovery and sharing platform, has today announced an official rebrand to; along with the launch of a new Spotify app packed with new features.

The rebrand to reflects the platform’s prominence as a music discovery tool as opposed to simply a playlist sharing platform, with a new version of the existing Spotify app launched alongside the rebrand.

The updated Spotify app includes a range of new features, including the following:


  • Moods – Now available so users can filter playlists based on their listening mood
  • Charts – As well as the top 100 playlists, the top 100 artists and tracks each week will now be featured
  • Playlist Generator – Rebuilt from the ground up to offer better results and now offers a 20 track instant playlist as default
  • Playlist Reviews – Full page playlist reviews are now available


This version of the app has been built on Spotify’s new API, so that it is compatible with the Spotify web player. are also working closely with Spotify to integrate the app into their new Discover tab.

The new Spotify app can be found here:

Kieron Donoghue, founder of, said: “The rebranding to reflects the fact that playlists are fast becoming the new format in the music streaming industry. We have always been the number one destination to discover music via high quality playlists, so our new name now reflects this. ”



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