See Gobe: Justin Bieber’s New Girlfriend Is Someone’s Wife!

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Justin Bieber has a new girlfriend, 22-year old Las Vegas model Jordan Ozuna. But here’s the funny part: Jordan is someone’s wife.

Apparently Justin Bieber had no prior knowledge of that, and days after the couple were pictured sharing kisses and having a good time on a date, Jordan’s mother-in-law has come out to announce that her son is Jordan’s legal husband.

Jordan’s mother-in-law, Kim, says her son and Jordan had married straight out of high school, but the marriage only lasted a couple of years and they have filed for divorce.

She told “She’s still married. They’ve been separated a good year.

“They were very young when they got married. They’ll figure it out on their own.“They’re probably in the process of getting divorced.”

Asked what she thought of Jordan’s relationship with Justin, Kim replied: “I’m not surprised.”

Teen titan Justin and model Jordan first sparked romance speculation on June 16, when they were spotted behaving intimately during a group trip to Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving.

Kim believes her son – who now serves in the Coast Guard – is unlikely to be aware of the rumours.

Meanwhile, it’s been reported that Justin has been banned from the Vegas skydiving centre he attended with Jordan.

It’s claimed the singer and his entourage left the venue in a total mess and refused to pay for their session.

He was allegedly given the choice of paying fees of £1,000 or plugging the centre on Twitter.

However, Justin apparently failed to do either – prompting bosses to blacklist the star.



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