Scam Of Life: SeeThe New Method Yahoo Boys Are Using To Get Your Details

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Normally, mails like this would make one very happy, but you have to be very careful with today’s internet fraudsters.


Our Ref: CBN/LD/HOD/16/05/2013
Your Ref: ………………………..
Dear Beneficiary,
The Federal Government of Nigeria conducted a proper investigation and discovered that you are among those that we have not paid in the past.
We are sorry for the delay and we also discovered that you have lost a lot of money in the hands of fraud stars / Scammers presenting themselves to be a worker with CBN and other bank officials.
However, all the board of directors and Federal Government of Nigeria have unanimously agreed to remit your fund immediately you provide all the necessary requirements for the wire transfer.
So by this letter, you are advised to re-confirm to me the followings:
1) Your House Address
2) Your working Telephone and Fax numbers for easy communication.
Upon the receipt of this letter call me immediately for more details.
Mr. Frank Ekeh
Director, CBN
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  1. 1. email address: are you kidding me?

    2. “when you get this letter call me?” that is SCAM shouting out loud

    3. so many grammatical errors

  2. Everybody is a potential Maga.If you are the greedy type that depends on luck,you would definitely fall for this no doubt.

  3. Paid you in the past for what?how wont you loose lots of money in the hands of fraudsters when you fall for such.Maga must pay sha.

  4. federal govt won gv u smtin nd na dem dey beg u Abomination!, u no fit get CBN staff contact easily u won steal am,federal Govt wey make investigation supose knw ur address n details!

  5. Person wey write dis tin na big fool ooo…shey na com local format b dis one abi wetin. Na stupid people lyk una dey fall for am. IDIOTS####

  6. Hi,
    Anybody can be a victim.

    They’ve used it before and it yielded.

    It’s very simple…you use things when they’re working well for you.

    The bottom line is don’t make attempt to reap where you’ve not planted.

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  8. Please make una leave G-boys alone. Yahoo is better dan to go thief. If i become president of dis country, i will give order to leave yahoo boys/girls alone. Hustlers must get pay. Majority of our celebrity today are G-boys / girls. No doubt about dat. please u guys shuld leave dem alone to enjoy life because there is no work in Niger again.

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