Photos: Iyanya, Emma Nyra, Ubi In London For Iyanya Kukere Concert Today (Press Conference)

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Kukere master exudes humility at press conference for upcoming album launch concert.  

Iyanya proved that humility and hard work will get you to the top as he answered questions from both press and fans.

The conference which was held by OhTV and Cokobar, and was broadcast live via the OhBox app, saw Iyanya alongside his crew which included rising start Emma Nyra and Ubi Frankin. As well as Cokobar’s very own Ropo Akin.

His team had nothing but great things to say of their bosses work ethic. “Iyanya had had more rejections than any artist I know”, says manager Ubi. Despite his gradual rise to fame having been in the industry for 10 years, when speaking of Iyanya’s secret to success, Ubi says, “He never sees himself as an A list artist. Everyday we keep pushing as if there’s nothing”.

Recalling their struggle to the top, Emma Nyra and Ubi shared the story of how their crew were living – five people to one room and pallor and joked about getting first dibs on the bathroom each morning. Today Emma Nyra shares, “The mistakes that Iyanya makes, I learn from them and the mistakes that I make I learn from them. We never stop learning and being better.”

Aside from the hard work Iyanya and his team still recognise the role that sex appeal plays to his likability. When asked about the constant focus on his personal life, he replied. “I’m single, I can mingle. I can even write a jingle because I’m so single.”

However, the artist who insists that he is married to his music still joked, “I pray I never lose my six pack” Iyanya, Cokobar and OhTV show strength in numbers at press conference.

With Iyanya’s Desire album launch concert just around the corner, OhTV and Cokobar organised an opportunity for fans and press to ask the “Kukere master” some questions.

Iyanya revealed that, “the shows I’m headlining today are shows we used to beg to do.” CEO and MD of Iyanya’s label Made Men Music Group, Ubi Franklin, even revealed that he had tried to get Cokobar to allow Iyanya perform a couple of years ago and got no response.

Ropo Akin of Cokobar who is renowned for working with A list artists, defended himself by saying that he doesn’t listen to music as people may assume and that he has an eye for talent.

When recalling his first meeting with Iyanya he says, “it was at industry night in February 2011 Annie was standing next to Iyanya and didn’t even know who he was.”

Now today Iyanya along with his MMMG team and the Cokobar team have joined forced to bring another signature Cokobar collaboration. When asked why the tickets went on sale from December 2012, Ropo says, ” because I trust Iyanya. There are some artists that you will book and they will book another event on the same day and think they can get away with it as there is nothin you can do.”

Iyanya expressed excitement towards the upcoming show saying, ” I just can’t wait to be on stage and feel the love from the crowd.” When asked about his story and how he got started he said, “The story is everyday it’s getting bigger and better. ”

OhTv will be streaming the concert live on Sunday 9th June though their OhBox app available on Apple and Android devices. The live stream will be available to anyone living outside of the UK.

Text by – Mariam Ajibola |Images by Michael Tubes

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Iyanya Kukere Concert: Iyanya
iYANYA press conference in London(Michael Tubes)03- (
Emma Nyra
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Ubi Franklin

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Ropo of Cokobar
Ropo of Cokobar

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