Photos From The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest

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On June 21, 2013, the World’s Ugliest Dog contest was held in Petaluma, California.

The winner was Walle, a 4-year-old mutt from Chico, California, who a judge described as looking “like he’s been photo-shopped with pieces from various dogs and maybe a few other animals.”

Owner Tammie Barbee got the dog when he was three months old.

“People come up to me and say that dog is not right,” Barbee said, “but I love him.”

Judges said they were especially impressed by Walle’s bizarre waddle of a walk. Walle wins $1,500 and will make several network TV appearances next week, including NBC’s “Today” show and ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

dog10 dog1 dog2 Penny, a pure bread Pug, awaits the star dog4 dog5 dog6 dog7 dog8 dog9



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