Ojoro City: Brymo Claims Chocolate City Broke Their Contract

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In a recent press conference, singer Brymo stated that the reason he walked out of Chocolate City was because the record label broke their contract.

Speaking during a conference he held for journalists this week, the “Ara” singer says he left the record label due to a ‘breach of contract’.

I’m actually having problems with Chocolate City and it’s contractual problems. The reason why I said I dumped the contract was because of breaches‘, Brymo told reporters in Lagos.

The singer also stated that he cannot ‘be saved’ by the Nigerian court if he were to legally pursue the matter hence his cry to the public. ‘It came important to call this gathering, I’m a Nigerian, I know the court cannot save me‘.

According to Brymo, he has moved on with his career and is currently working on his personal stuff and bettering himself. (HipHopWorld)



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