NIGERIA ABEG!!!! Enough now….Give us back our countrymen!! Kenya appeals!!!

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For those of you not in the know…

Seven Kenyan officials and five airline crew have been  detained in Nigeria for the past two weeks after they travelled to deport Nigerian businessman Anthony Chinedu and others who were flown into the country on a private chartered jet (East Africa Safari Express Airline). The Kenyans and one Swedish national are said to be held at the Park View Astoria in Ikoyi.

According to the detainees, Nigerian authorities have insisted the Kenyans will not be allowed to fly out without the three men Kenya kicked out on drug trafficking claims.


Antony Chinedu
Anthony Chinedu

Anthony Chinedu has lived in Kenya as a businessman for the past 18 years. he has been embroiled in a tussle over control of property with his estranged Kenyan wife Joyce Akinyi. The Kenyan government deported him on the grounds that he was involved in “dirty business”

Na wa oo!!

Attempts by Kenyan embassy officials in Nigeria and owners of the plane to get the Kenyans released has been brushed off by Nigerian authorities.


Chinedu has claimed to be behind their detention saying they will only be released after he is paid the value of the investments he has in Kenya. Chinedu said from Lagos, “when you catch a mad man is when you know a mad man has a mother,a mad man has a father.”

The detention of the Kenyan officials and crew of the plane used for Chinedu’s deportation is a huge blow to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive that all foreign drug dealers be removed from Kenya with immediate effect.

The saddest thing is, the state has ruled out talks with Chinedu but will however intensify diplomatic talks with Nigerian authorities.

According to Chinedu, over 20 Nigerians have been deported shortly after President Uhuru’s Kenyatta’s directive and more are still waiting deportation in their detention camps. These are people that own huge properties and strong assets running into millions of dollars.

My opinion, this man has not been found guilty of drug trafficking in the Kenyan courts yet,in fact his cases are still pending in court. Our country men are suffering out there, they have families,loved ones,children. Can this man just be given his monies worth and Our people released. Where human beings are involved there is no amount of money that is worth the struggle, and this is something our Kenyan leaders need to get a grip on. What is so difficult in this negotiation when it is a case of money against human lives??? After all, his millions have contributed in our not so stable economy!!!!

Your thoughts?




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  1. This is unfair to us all. We the Nigerian students in Kenya are also threatened by this case of Chinedu. It has drifted from marital issues to become a national issue

  2. All criminal gangs should leave be hounded in jail throu criminal justice system(kenya judiciary)is competent to sort them out.

  3. why do Nigerians behave so badly in other nations. you really have destroyed the image of your country. People think twice before taking you seriously.

  4. If a country like Nigeria can jeopordize diplomatic relations with Kenya or any other state because of a suspected drug dealer so be it. Shut down their Embassy and detail a Nigerian plane. No foreigner goes to another country and behaves like God. Team Kenya

    1. Impunity is a culture in Kenya especially amongst the elites and the Kenya authorities have now known that due respect to whom respect is due should be accorded to everybody no matter how irresponsible such a person is.

  5. I am well educated, a Nigerian, loudly and proudly so…

    Respect is reciprocal. U don’t bring a Nigerian back to his country in chains and leg irons and expect the Nigerian government not to reciprocate the gesture.If he is truly a drug trafficker, try him in a court of law, jail him and then deport him like a human being, not an animal.

    The kenyan government didn’t even inform the Nigerian embassy in Kenya. Smuggling him out in the dead of night. Or is there more to this matter than meets the eye???
    Maybe some corrupt kenyan Mpigs wanted to share his million dollar properties with his ex-wife???

    Nigerian government treats the citizens of other african nations with respect, the least we expect is the same cordiality.

    There is supposed to be a rule of law and kenya must adhere to this…

  6. The good news is, the kenyans who were detained in Nigeria have been released. I really wonder what kind of a compromise they came up with for the release and who turned out to be the winner in all this. Will keep you posted as things unfold.

    Yours truly


  7. I don’t think Nigeria has taken any action, cos if we do, kenya come on their kneels. ask other African countries. naija no be giant for mouth

  8. I am a nigerian,and we do not treat foreigners as kenya does,we nigerians are accommodative peopIe,Imagine nigerians making vast investment in our country boosting ur economy and bringing high time nigerians wouId invest at home

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