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Whenever the thought of you and what we shared crosses my mind, it brings with it the memories of the simple things we shared…

Handwritten notes and the letters I received in the mail box. You were the only one who ever wrote me, you know? It always came as a pleasant surprise when I got those occasional letters. Even though we lived in the same city, you wrote to me every week without fail… Easy as Sunday morning had a different meaning with you. The joy of finding little treasures disguised as handwritten notes tucked in the most unusual places: inside my favorite shoe, by the bottle of jam in the fridge, inside my guitar case… These are the things I remember. I still have a box full of the cards you sent on every occasion, even the ones you sent “just because”. And when I read any of the books you bought me, it is not the eloquence of the author that captivates me, it’s the little note you’ve scripted usually on the first page that captures my heart.

It’s the words you use, silly names you call me, so silly in fact that I can’t pen them down even now, for fear that I won’t be able to handle the tears, for fear that I might soak this sheet… Only you called me so, only you loved me so… Temi.

The simple things are my most prized memories, how you’d never pass by me without some form of physical contact… A gentle brush against my cheeks, a light squeeze of my hands when you needed to reassure me.. And when I was sad, it was love in the way you held me…

forehead kisses.

I remember how you always wanted me to eat. Foodie, you’d call out as I wolfed down whatever concussion you had spent time preparing. Conversations that always began with, “have you eaten?”… I don’t think of those without smiling so hard my cheeks threaten to burst.. Another silly name comes to mind, chubby cheeks!

Did I ever mention that I loved those long drives we took? Going nowhere in particular.. Just driving. I loved those. With music blaring out from the speakers and me squealing in delight, “my song!!!”. Without music, enjoying our silence and the unspoken message that we shared… The silent reminder of how much I loved you.

When we went on trips, it wasn’t the luxury of a vacation that thrilled me. It was the simple things, waking up in your arms, sharing breakfast with you, walking down unknown streets… Getting lost. Adventures. Trying to converse with random strangers in a language we didn’t speak. Laughing at your attempt to speak in an accent that wasn’t yours. Playing pretend. I miss those. I could never visit Venice again, it just won’t be the same…

And when you’d try to have my picture taken and I’d get so upset… Did I tell you I secretly loved it? I loved that you’d sneak one when I wasn’t watching, capturing my essence.. Goofy, dorky, and occasionally sexy… I have an album now.

The simple things… Calling me every night, sleep well, didn’t matter how tired you were. Sending a cab to pick me up from work when it rained and you were out of town. Making sure I had something to eat when meetings ran long (what was it with you and food anyway?)…

I miss you.

I read the eulogy your mum wrote again today, that last line… Heaven needed another angel and so it sent for our…

Well, the earth could use a few more angels. I too need my angel. Come back home, Temi nikan. And bring with you these simple things that make living worth it.



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