Muna Parts Ways With RMG, Sets Up No Koncience Records

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The breakup wind is still blowing, and it just blew past Ayo Shonaiya’s RMG.

One of the management company’s top acts, Munachi Abii has decided to part ways with them to start her own label.

‘I needed to become a little bit more independent and you know one needs to grow. I have learnt how to handle things on my own and become responsible. It was something I needed to do because one cannot continue to be under someone’s wings forever. There comes a time when you have to spread you own wings and fly‘, she explained in an interview with The Vanguard. I left RMG because I needed to start up my own thing; there was nothing more to it. I have no issues whatsoever with RMG’, Muna added.

Muna also revealed that she has launched her own record label ‘No Koncience‘ where she released her new single ‘No tomorrow‘. Her debut album tentatively titled ‘The Goddess, The Hustler’ will be released shortly.

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