Madiba’s Critical State: Africa waits for Nelson Mandela’s Recovery

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Madiba. The name spoken in hushed tones by people with arms clasped around their bellies, and those who cover their mouths and look on with watery eyes outside the Pretoria hospital where Nelson Mandela has been hospitalized for more than two weeks.

Rumors had been flying back and forth that the legendary anti-apartheid icon had passed away but was only sparked by his current health coupled with the fact that very few people can access him to find out he is faring.

Nelson Mandela has been in the hospital for eighteen days and instead of getting better his condition seems to be worsening. “Former president Mandela remains in a critical condition in hospital,” Zuma told the nation Monday. “The doctors are doing everything possible to ensure his well being and comfort.”

Everyone loves Nelson Mandela. Outside the hospital, a security wall was awash with get-well cards, balloons, flowers, cards and paintings, the South African Press Association reported.

Nelson Mandela is 94 years.



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