Looking for a party this Saturday night? ‘Industry Nite’ Makes its United States Debut in Houston,Texas

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This weekend, the world-renowned ‘Industry Nite’ will make its U.S. debut in Houston at the Ayva Centre. Since 2009, this live music event has been a major platform for African artists to highlight themselves and network across Africa. Since then, Industry Nite has become the unquestionable authority in West Africa for entertainment industry networking and the most sought after destination for both up-and-coming and established artists to perform to their peers.

Now, for the first time, some of the best music Africa has to offer will be on display at this exclusive event in the United States. Several of Africa’s top artists will be headlining the event, including 2Face, Ice Prince and Sheyi Shey – all signed to the night’s main sponsor, Spinlet.

Spinlet, Africa’s first global music distribution platform, is dedicated to developing the Nigerian and African music industry by creating a medium for local Nigerian artists to promote and sell their music in the many diasporas around the world. Houston, TX has one of the largest diaspora populations in the U.S., making it the ideal fit for this event’s American debut.

“Showcasing artists like 2Face, Ice Prince and Sheyi Shey, who have strong international fan bases, paves the way for other, lesser-known artists to establish themselves in the international music industry,” said Spinlet’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Redguard.

“Spinlet provides a platform that increases exposure for new music by making it easily accessible for music lovers all over the world. The Spinlet platform enables them to discover artists and explore a library of thousands and thousands of original songs from different musical genres.”

Spinlet’s global distribution platform is having a major impact on the music industry. In addition to its massive music vault, Spinlet also provides a platform that promotes interaction between artists and fans. The artists signed to Spinlet, like 2face and Ice Prince, must use social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, 2go, and Eskimi to connect with their fan base around the world to ask them to support their music by downloading it on Spinlet.com. This authentic interaction between artist and fan is a key component of the Spinlet model, which aims to bring local and international music directly to fans’ mobile devices so they can get their music on the go, anywhere and anytime.

For more information on Spinlet, please visit www.Spinlet.com



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