Jazzing it up: How to make your love last longer

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At a stage in relationships, things seem to get boring and unexciting and couples realize they are doing things that used to be special to them now purely out of habit.

The sparks which used to fly has now disappeared and the earlier excitement now seems to have flown out of the window.

Here’s something exciting for you, there are very easy ways you can make your relationship feel like the beginning and continue to feel like the beginning.

~Do go back to the beginning: the best way you can make things feel like they were in the beginning is by simply taking a trip to the beginning. Do things you used to do for each other that used to send your heart racing for each other.

If it was the surprise dates, do them. If it was buying her that her fave box of chocolates, do it. If it was surprising him with his fave perfumes or tickets to see his fave band/artiste play, then do it.

Those things would make you feel excited once again and would give both of you the time to enjoy each other’s company once more without distraction of the kids or work or whatever.

~Vacation: a lot of Nigerians believe you need to have a million bucks in your account before you go on a vacation in a cool resort. They also believe that vacation must mean somewhere in the Bahamas or the UAE or Barbados or Greece or wherever is a popular vacation spot.

This isn’t true. Number one, you don’t need to have your bank account fat and shapeless before you embark on a vacation and number two, you don’t need to travel to the ends of the earth.

There are really cool places in Nigeria and even Ghana. Look them up and you’d see they are actually cheaper than you thought.

Grab the opportunity and go there with your spouse. Be young, free and make lots of love!

~Make out time: the excuse most couples give (especially the married ones) is that there is no time.

Create time. Do not wait till you have a whole month because you just might never get it. Especially when you work for someone else. If it is four days you can afford to squeeze out, go for it. Drop the kids(if you have) with your parents or family that you trust and jet out with your spouse to have fun.

~Make lots of love: yes. Have steamy, sweet and amazing love making! During this, maintain eye contact, do not rush it or make it a chore. Do it slowly like you enjoy it.

Remember what he/she likes and please each other.

This would most definitely strengthen the bond.

~Buy gifts: this doesn’t end with courtship. Sadly, lots of couples end this gesture when the courtship stage is over.

Let it continue. Buy him his best designer shirt. Buy her that pair of shoes you know she’s been eyeing.

Women especially love gifts. It’ll make her realize you certainly still carry her about.

~do something crazy: something different, something naughty. Most married people/people who have been together for a very long time, keep their relationship about the kids and “safe” once they get married. If you’re married, do not relax.

Once a while be naughty. Have sex in the car park when the lights are off. Do it in the kitchen. Do it everywhere you would normally not do it. Do quickies. Sneak kisses when nobody is looking. It is very exciting and playful.

~pray together: this brings in a greater bond. It means you both commune with God together and have each other’s spiritual needs (as well as physical) in mind. Nothing strengthens a bond more than this.




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