ItzOVA: Tonto Dikeh’s Drunken Parade On Stage At #Iyanya’s Kukere Concert In London (Photos)

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Tonto Dikeh drunk on stage as she co-hosted Iyanya’s Desire Album Launch. 

With many excited fans anticipating seeing what the controversial actress would do at the show, no one imagined it would have been as bad as it was.

UK Comedian Eddie Kadi held the show together with his humour and contagious energy before Iyanya hit the stage for the main event. People were waiting to see Nollywood Actress Tonto Dikeh, who is known for speaking her mind and her sexy fashion sense. By the time she hit the stage people in the audience were questioning what was wrong with her. Once she started shouting inaudible words everyone knew she was a bit off, including Eddie Kadi who has to be commended for holding things together so well.

Tonto was shouting, swaying and tripping over herself while as the DJ played one of her songs.  Up until the point that she and Eddie had to introduce supporting act DL to the stage, Tonto was not speaking clearly and was in her own world. Even then, she didn’t leave the stage with Eddie but started dancing and fell to the floor and was crawling and moving in a way that she must have assumed to be sexy as the crowd began to boo her off stage. Eddie had to come back on stage and command her to come off before she got the message.

A source backstage says the time she had sobered up and wanted to come back onstage to redeem herself it was too late, leaving her feeling remorseful and in a not so good mood. Despite the madness on stage the outspoken actress posed for some pictures once she was sober and wasn’t so much of a problem anymore.

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Text: Mariam Ajibola |Pictures: Micael Tubes Creations

We also have more pictures of the Nollywood diva here.



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