Is It Really OK to RESPECT YOUR EX Regardless Of The Type Of Break up?

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Life can be cruel, complicated and weird sometimes as your one time yori yori might end up becoming that b*tch or that b*stard.  However its advisable to keep calm and not tell your ‘next about your ex’. Stories that touch the heart occurs yeah I know, and really you might end up cuddling each other after telling him the story of that **stupid boy**. Or you might win a session after telling her about that your nonsense ex chick. But really is it fresh to tell your current boyfriend/girlfriend about your ex? I’ll say NO.

You might be dealing with a fantastic actor who because he/she has heard about the lapses of your ex might want to act like that man/woman from heaven.

Again it breeds comparison between the ex and the current partner. Telling your current partner about the ex might lead to comparing them later; checking what you enjoyed from the previous relationship that is not in the current relationship and be like…. “My ex will never say that to me”.  I tell you, the world is made up of more than 8 billion people that have different blood types running in their system – you can’t expect them to act alike… Never expect them to act alike.

Cursing your ex or the memory you guys shared together is also something you should stop doing.  It is said that we should never regret whatever once made us smile, why it isn’t making us smile again is what we should be concerned about and if the ex has done something bad that eventually led to the break up, just ignore it and kill that ex with maturity. Show them that you’re grown and happier without them.

Try to be cool every time you see your ex, don’t give that “I hate you” look anytime you see your ex and don’t friendzone them.  As you once both shared something together, feelings might turn up again which could be dangerous and could lead to breaking the current partner’s heart and lead to an endless cycle of heartbreaks. Maintain an acquaintance-like relationship with the ex, no calls but say hi when you see them.. I think that’s maturity.

In conclusion, sit down and reminisce  on why the previous relationship failed and think of how you can make the current one work and last longer and probably have a happier ending **U know what I mean?** Yeah…….




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