Humpty Door-mpty: Man arrested for rubbing penis on office door

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A man identified as Anthony Bruce Berry has been arrested for rubbing his penis on the front door of an office.

Berry, 57, was arrested Monday for allegedly rubbing his sex organ against the door of a business in Lantana, Fla.

According to the probable cause affidavit obtained by The Huffington Post, a witness observed the suspect attempt to open the front door of the business, the name of which has been redacted.

When he couldn’t, he whipped out his own knob and started to, as the report describes it, “hump the front door in a vulgar manner.”

After completing his front door banging — which was reportedly captured on the witness’ iPhone — Berry walked over to a nearby bus stop and sat on the bench.

The arresting officer confronted the suspect and asked him if he had recently explosed his private parts, to which, Berry allegedly said, “Yes, I have a mental problem.”

The officer said Berry continued to make similar statements before he was arrested for exposing his s*xual organs.

Berry was subsequently taken to the Palm Beach County Jail, then released two hours later. No word on the condition of the jail doors after his brief visit.

This isn’t Berry’s first bout with the law. He has faced charges of indecent exposure two times before, and has had 32 other arrests for charges such as robbery, s*xual assault and cocaine possession since 1979, the Sun-Sentinel reported.



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