How To Make Up After A Fight

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Even the best relationships have arguments/fights. It is never hundred percent smooth.

If you have just recently had a fight with your partner, this may help you settle your issues and fight less in future.

1. Look deeper than the surface- most times when couples fight, it is usually more than what they believe they are fighting over.

For instance, for them it might be money, sex, food or whatever but deep down it might be the other party feeling wronged about other things.

Those things might be things he/she feels really strongly about but can’t let out for some reason. Both parties would need to calm down, try and see why they are fighting and discuss what the “real” issue might be.

2. Make the first move- even if you didn’t start the fight, be ready always to apologise first. This is your relationship and you aren’t allowed to be proud.

Make the first move and let your partner know you are ready to discuss what went wrong.

3. Let go of being right- Even if you are clearly right, do not hold on to it. Let it go, be the adult and talk the issue over with your spouse.

He/she would realise the fight has to end if you play the adult.

4. Set boundaries- decide that when next an argument ensues, you wouldn’t yell at each other or say hurtful things or go to the length you just went to get back at each other. This you must take seriously so that it would help your relationship stay healthy and grow.




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