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Every medium size person wants to lose weight one way or the other, trying too hard by going to the gym sweating it out on treadmill watching what we eat in the process starving ourselves; yes some of us get the result with a but… No matter how we try we just can’t do it alone and there are certain necessary requirements we don’t consider when starting our diet/losing weight process.

I got chatting with a friend who lost 7 kg in 2 weeks, I was amazed she was looking very healthy (you know there are some people who try so hard to lose weight and they come out looking ill/sick) She mentioned she was working with a dietitian and I said “no wonder”.

My “no wonder” is that when you want to really start this process there are necessary things we need to do and as well follow. Personal trainers are only there to assist you with the gym aspect they are no nutritionist or dietitian they can only advice you what they know.

You need to ask yourself if you are prepared to go through any torture or stress on your way.

You should be prepared physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physiologically as what you have to go through is much; the kind of food you would get to see and eat is something else.

Are you sure you would follow it up religiously or would you stop half way? I know how many times I have gone to register myself at the gym and what excuses I give for not going even though the direct debit is going out of my account. I can remember one incident that happened one morning, I decked up heading to the gym, I was actually rushing up so I would meet up the cycling class… yea I was on time so I joined the class of almost 15 people.  Less than 5 minutes into the working out session I was feeling dizzy but I was still ready to continue as I thought it was the lazy me so I fired on less than 2 minutes I was trying to find my feet but I staggered out of the cycling machine all I could remember was someone shoving Lucozade boost and a glucose tablet in my mouth and I guess that was when I got myself. I was told I passed out and they asked me if I had breakfast… I told them no! I didn’t know I was suppose to have breakfast at least 1 hour before heading to the gym and when they said breakfast they were referring to porridge aka Quaker oat… after resting and drinking their free Lucozade boost, I went straight to the bus stand, got into the next available bus and I went home and that was the last time I smelled the gym and they were still charging me, my excuse was that it was snowing but the truth was that I was not ready spiritually to go through the torture.

You need to consider your health first we all have past medical history including family medical history. We claim we know much about our body to be sincere we don’t.

First step is to review your medical and diet history, run some medical test like blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, body mass index (BMI), etc… For those with diabetics or blood pressure in their family medical history will need to address that to help a good dietitian or nutritionist in tailoring a personalized meal plan for you.

After that, one should know your target weight and body sculpture with what you intend to achieve and reduce. This will help you establish a realistic goal either short term or long term with a specific achievement time frame.

For me a good dietitian or nutritionist would want to sit with you and create a food time table. With the food you love, they can design a menu based on it with dietitian approval.

With this new menu time table, your life style would definitely change NO MORE cold stone ice cream, Chinese meals, late night food, pizza time…. (Chuckle) which means you’re eating habit would change for good; though you can still eat anything and everything but in very minimal portion but with an estimation of calorie intake per day which would have been added to your diet menu and how to calculate it properly.


My friend hinted me that there is good sugar and bad sugar, and good fat and bad fat; so for lovers of sweet and shinning things a good dietitian/nutritionist would be able to teach you which is which so it still a win win after all.

Now there is the dreaded part where you measure your food intake with measuring cups and tape… you would see something like 2 inches of watermelon and 250ml orange juice (confusing right) but when you get started you would surely get use to it.

Exercise at least 7 hours a week that’s 1 hour 30 minutes a day for 5 days and a must to take 2 days off.

This is what we call maintaining your weight in a healthy way.

Hypocrites like me are already thinking of preparing pan cake for dinner #hidingface. I have had my fair share of gym and with some lovely episode to go with it or is it the time when I pretend dieting is the way forward and free dinner and take out would be coming my way.

Even with the personal trainer sessions this big tummy of mine is still in front of me.

Don’t go about asking for what is working for Annie as it would not work for Ann, their body systems are different including family medical history. If Annie’s dietitian gives her a food time table this is tailored to her need and when you go and visit a dietitian you would realise that the calorie intake she has to take per day is different from what is on your menu table.

Brenda Njemanze practice what you preach ooooo

To get a good dietitian/nutritionist is not beans so at the moment I have opened the middle of an empty borvita tin which would serve as my saving box till my dietitian money is complete….. Very soon I, Brenda Njemanze would start my own process with my dietitian and I would keep you up to date with my diet menu.

Brenda Njemanze

Brenda Njemanze

Coming with a new style as this foodie brings the kitchen to you. Updating you on everything you want to know about food. She is just that girl that loves cooking - sharing tips on food, bakes lovely/crazy tasty pastries when she is pissed and a food blogger. Publisher of Grubs Magazine Nigeria, first food and wellness magazine. For more info check out her food blog or you can follow her on Twitter @obendo

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